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Moderator : Bongacams. How do we set up a moderator in Bonga. Confused !

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Aug 20, 2021
So Emily and I are moving away from Chaturbate to Bonga. Bonga is much MUCH better for her.

I have worked to promote Emily for a number of months.

But we cant find out how to add the moderator thing in BONGA.

Is there an "idiots guide" for us to follow.

This is all I can find in their FAQ

Moderators are models' aides with special privileges that help to maintain order in the chat room.

If given moderator privileges, you can do the following:

  • remove unwanted messages;
  • kick out/ban users;
  • block users from writing in public chat (mute).
You will get a special icon to let the other users know you have special privileges in this chat room.

You can view the list of moderated chat rooms or opt out in "Followings" - "Moderated chat rooms".

In "Notification settings" you can specify who among the Models can make you a Moderator and which notifications you wish to receive.
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Hello, Richyrichy!

Thank you for reaching out.

In order to grant moderator privileges to a member, please go to the "Followings" page and select "My moderators" tab. Then enter the display name of the member and click on "Add Moderator". You may revoke any moderator's privileges at any time by simply removing that member from the list.

In case you would have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Thank you!
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Yes from what I could gather the model can not do it while streaming..

They cant just click on you and make you a moderator then and there.. (as they can in CB)

The model has to log into a special area.. And create settings.

Screenshot 2021-12-13 18.37.03.png

Screenshot 2021-12-13 18.37.40.png

So this is a different page to when a model is streaming...

Moderator Page Click this link

I added this to the post so that if anyone else has the same issue - they can see the solution / fix.

Hope this post helps somebody else.
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What do you mean by "Special area"? It's possible to add moderator from the first page of the model's account page...
Yes, unlike CB you can't add moderators from the broadcasting page, but the easiest way to make it is to click "Followings" button at the top section of the model's account.


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So I think this is probably what I mean.

1) This particular cammer only has access to her online broadcast page. There she could not find any area to add a moderator. (In CB its just an easy button click)

2) Her studio has password access to the dashboard. The cammer does not have access to this password controlled dashboard.

So I believe any request to make changes to her dashboard has to be passed over to her studio to be done. Via that Dashboard page.

There seem to be no way to do it from the streaming page. But I may be mistaken.

What I do know for 100% sure is that a cammer can go to the dashboard and make changes.

Hope that makes sense?
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The "Followings" page is present on cammer/model side regardless of his/her participle to the studio.
I can say so, because I am currently a studio model.


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