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Never Have I Ever - Calling Your Bluff

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Oct 5, 2021
Okay. I started following a model in May. We became pretty close over the month and still message each other almost every day. At this point I only visit her room occasionally just to say hi. She is the only model who has ever seen my face and she says I am her type. This is not "I am in love with a model" post. So keep reading.

Early on I mentioned the vacations I had to cancel because of the pandemic including two trips to Hawaii. And she said "I would love to go to Hawaii with you." I laughed it off as simple flirting. Going forward we would make joking references about going to Hawaii together.

Then about a month ago I was telling her about an article about the best foreign countries Americans for retire to. I've got 30 more years before that is a realistic idea but I like to dream. But I mentioned it to her because I was surprised to see Colombia as the #5 place to retire. Colombia always seems dangerous to me and when I mentioned it to her she agreed, being Colombian. Horrible economy, horrible government.

I then mentioned that Costa Rica topped the list but I would like to visit first to see if it was a place I would like to live. She said she would love to go with me. Once again I laughed it off as a joke saying we have 30 years to figure it out.

But now I am seriously planning a trip to Costa Rica early next year. Should I call her bluff and ask her to go? How would you respond to such an overture? Would it creep you out? I would hate to ruin the relationship as it currently is. And I am not asking for sex. I would get separate rooms. But it would be interesting not see if anything clicked in real life.


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May 22, 2020
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I would keep it light-hearted & fun like it is now. I love that you’re asking this bc you clearly respect her to post all this on here for more information. Personally, I have a rule of not meeting up w/ anyone I’ve met on cam. Not all girls are like that tho. If you guys have a strong (ish) relationship (FaceTiming for free or talking outside of the chat room), then I’d ONLY ask in a way you can see her immediate facial expression (FaceTime/zoom). Judge off her response (body language too) how she feels about going somewhere with you. You’ll know the real answer once you see the first subliminal reaction.
As a cammer though, I think i wanna say again I think this was kind of you to ask.
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