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New CB Unofficial Support Section

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I've created this sub-forum in hopes that all support issues for CB can be directed here instead of to Shirley's [edit 6/22/21 - no longer run by Shirley herself, it's run by CB support team members] (@punker barbie) profile wall. As stated in the description, you should first check out CB's official support page and contact support there.

Please keep your posts polite, concise and to the point, and never include any of your personal ID information, passwords, or screenshots that include personal details as such.
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issues for CB can be directed here instead of to Shirley's (@punker barbie) profile wall.
As of today, new ACF signups will not be able to post to profile walls until they've passed the initiation period. This sub-forum is where newcomers seeking assistance with CB support should focus their efforts. Please do not direct folks to @punker barbie's profile, though they are welcome to mention her in their threads in this section.
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Newcomers that need some guidance on how to post new threads or replies to current threads, please read the How To guide here.
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Updated OP to reflect the change that the punker barbie account is now run by members of CB's support team. Also please note the section information reminds you to include username and/or ticket numbers in posts requesting help, and also to please create a NEW thread for your issue instead of replying to someone else's.
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