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Dec 18, 2022
@punker barbie im really hoping that you can help me

they banned my account, im a newbie and i never signed up on chaturbate before, its the first time that i received my identifications.
i tried reaching support but they said i violated platforms terms. how come? i have not even started broadcasting and my account still not age verified, its funny how did i even violate any of your terms?
how can a unverified account and new/never been used identifications violate any terms?
the account name is : _hannaxx

i uploaded a philippines passport and backed it up with a philippines postal ID since that what they instructed if i dont have he philippines identification card. just a few hours after i uploaded they banned my account.

im a nursing student and i was really hoping that i would get a financial aid and pursue my studies.

this really concludes that chaturbate just ban with no reason at all.


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@punker barbie

im sorry but as of this moment my account still ban and yes i received an email from support when i asked about the said ban however the respond is the usual generic respond, no stated reason i made a respond however they no longer respond.

i humbly request to have my identifications checked and have it authenticated to prove that they are all legitimate. our postal card is equipped with security feature example the QR code that once scan with certain application my detailed information will be shown. i can provide receipts of both identification that i uploaded on your site, if this is the reason that you close my account.

again, my government name is a "virgin" on your site, never used. i just cant accept the situation that you put me right now, wherein i put a lot of time and effort and spend my last money to gather my documents to have myself an identification, streaming here would really help me pay off my tuitions to continue my studies.


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