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no contact with support, please help me

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Nov 17, 2021
Hello! I have a shared account on Chaturbate with my friend sexloovers. I have also a few my private account. My friend one time created his private account and verified his age. He mahe a big mistake. He got into an unpleasant conversation with one model. She probably reported him and Chaturbate banned his identity, private account and our shared account sexloovers. It is normal. But I do not understand why Chaturbate banned my identity. I know we had a shared account, but he made mistake on his private account. I understand banned sexloovers. But why Chaturbate banned all of my privates accouts and my ID? Support does not answer me. Please @punker barbie tell me how can I solve this situation? I do not want my career to depend on my associate's mistake. Oy maybe I did mstake too? maybe I am just not aware of it? Please help me. I really need to be unbanned. I am not asking support to unban sexloovers or my friend. I am asking support to unban my identity or telling me what I did wrong. Thanks
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