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Pay confusion

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Nov 19, 2020
United Kingdoms
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Hi all.
Good to be here first of all, and for the past week I have been looking to several discussions on this forum.
Now I have one of my own.
Me and my partner we do camming on streamate as a couple, we registered like 2 week's ago, started doing some earnings..the issue is why we have such a lack of support from streamate ?
Still after 2 weeks they still dident verified our proof of address, we uploaded our Bill information, Bank statement and drivers licensce with the same address as the account.....
I mean we really want to have our "payout" trough wire transfer directly to our bank accounts, but we cannot change any option since our proof of address has not been yet verified.
We contacted streamate support for every document uploaded and they barely answer (after 2/3 days).For example after we uploaded all the documents as proof we now recived a new mail saying that is a new account and we
need to have some earnings first (we have 500$ ) what more earnings to they need ?seriously now...
So how does one need to properly verify their address ? What should we do ?
Also can someone explain to us if they used "Wire Transfer" How much does time and comission does it take to have the money transfered ?Do this option transferes directly into your bank account ?
Sorry for the bad grammar.
Thank you all and have a good day !


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Aug 22, 2019
This is going to vary a lot depending on your country and bank.

My first payout from SM was after 3 weeks of earning, and from then on I get payout every Friday. It takes 3-4 business days to be deposited in my account (Canada).

it is typical for support to take a couple biz days to respond to emails.

Something to be aware of is that any updates to your bank account info may take up to a week to be manually confirmed by SM. So before you make any changes, ask your bank EXACTLY what info they need to receive wires. Some banks use alternate routing numbers depending on the country of origin and currency of the wire. I actually had to switch banks because mine couldnt get international wires. Your bank might also charge you a fee to receive.
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Nov 19, 2020
United Kingdoms
Streamate Username
Thank you for takeing time to repy, well you cleared my mind a bit.
I am hopeing that the issue with my proof of address will be takes alot for them to approve I see...
As mentioned before I uploaded bills etc and still waiting for some time now..
But thank you for clearing my head with the wire transfer.