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Payment methods for Filipino models

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Mar 20, 2021
Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but I can't find one. I'm looking at payment methods as I'm trying to help a friend to step up her own individual model account and not have to pay her 'boss'. Typically Filipino models have a 'boss' as many there don't have bank accounts so pay a premium to a 'boss' who has an account. CB now has Skrill which is good as it can pay to their GCash mobile wallet. She did suggest I set up a paxum account so I could pay her but the more hands it goes through the more transfer fees have to be paid. (TBH I don't really want responsibly of others money) Most payment services will only pay to cards or bank accounts, not to mobile wallets or paypal etc.
Guess my questions are: Is Skrill ok? Does any one have any solutions or found a process that works easily? What about other sites, she wants to have account on SC too? Which are good payment services?
Thanks in advance
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