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PM scammers

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Apr 16, 2020
Las Vegas Nevada
Hi every one,
I need to let you about a tip scammer that got me good. Last Monday, 4/6/20
I had a viewer come in my room and asked if I would want to go into a password PM. So I agreed. Well right away he started tipping 250 tokens, 4-5x's in a row. It was not the usual tip, no token drop sound. So when I asked him about not hearing the coins . He tried to assure me that they show up when got out of the pvt. mess. He tipped me 250 tokens 20 x's and 1 hour of being in the PM. I added up 8600 tokens. So I thought. There was record of it any where. His username mahomes1002 and the password he sent me was 8966. He showed up again on 4/13/20 requesting that I go back into a password pm. I had notice something about the color of his name. It was grey. I said sure. When we got into the pvt. pm I told that I never received all of those tokens. He didn't have an answer for me. Right he tipped me 200 tokens, then 250 tokens. And about 4 more times requesting for me to do things. The whole time I am thinking why am I not the tokens drop sound? I look at the way he had "sent tip". Then it dawned on me he was fake tipping. I am posting pics with this post. So ladies on cb please watch out for this guy. I did send a complaint to support. Waiting to hear about his status. 1st tip from mahomes1002.jpg


  • 2nd tip mahomes1002.jpg
    2nd tip mahomes1002.jpg
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    3rd tip mahomes1002.jpg
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Sep 15, 2019
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Thanks for the heads up. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I hate when people do this. A friend of mine got scammed like this when she first started camming and she was so embarrassed that she quit camming altogether =*( You can always tell a real tip from a fake one because the *entire name* will be in yellow (not just the tip amount) and the tokens will always immediately show up in your total. I don't do anything until the tokens hit my bank. BTW, bigdunk is a fan of mine too =) Love to see fans spreading the love around :h:
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