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Potential hacker / glitcher ; Tipper account with 101,000 Token Balance... with other suspicious linked accounts harassing / trolling people

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Aug 4, 2023
@xChloe @Charlie_SC

Potential hacker / glitcher ; Tipper account with 101,000 Token Balance... with other suspicious linked accounts harassing / trolling people and hardly ever tipping

Hello, it's come to my attention this guy goes all over the website and just says "hi" , to show off his token balance and never actually supports, anybody, unsure if these tokens are valid or stolen / he hacked the token amount / not real charges... please, looking into his account... his username is ngetd92k ... he also has several linked accounts that all have something weird in their profile "9)*******" , "8)******" ... i honestly think this isnt legit and the guy is a scammer, hacker, glitcher, con man or all the above ... please look into it... some of his linked accounts we discovered follow this message... thank you.. very random and bizarre looking usernames... this feel fishy... i'd remove this guy from the platform... but thats your choice... thank you... hes been weirding out a bunch of my friends.. he'll join peoples rooms on his multiple accounts and laugh at people / put weird symbols in the chat... hacker-vibes.. unsure if the money he has added / if he even has is legit...

more of his names:



by the number sequences on these two names above... i'm assuming he's got 10 or more... outside of his main "red account", they all seem to also have 1,000 tokens each... unsure what he does... if he funnels money to studios / has been or what the case is... please check him out and thanks again... just weird vibes about this guy, at the least i think his accounts should be turned off while you all look into this... best ... he weirds alot of models out and they can tell hes a scammer and call him out of it, he mostly visits american models recently and trolls them
Yes, but what has this user *actually* done that you feel is against rules?

Having a lot of tokens is not against rules (you might be surprised how much money some people have), nor is having more than one account.
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Loads of tokens: good! Trolling: baaad (Ludo style).

Contact support, OP? There’s a mnemonic on the London Underground - see it, say it, sorted.

Platform support should investigate any shenanigans…
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I agree with all comments.

If they have a lot of tokens and are just not spending much, they are technically not doing anything wrong.
This is not against the rules.

At the same time, I always say.. Trust your gut/instincts!

If something doesn't feel right, you should always report to our Support team.
If they are really not doing anything wrong, then no harm is done with a quick check, but if your vibes are right, at least we've caught it/them.

So.. leave this with me.
I'll check it out. 😉
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I've been harassed by this same user, on many of his linked accounts, just today, why is this guy still on the platform?

Main Account ====> ngetd92k

Screenshot included, please, shut off his payment method and all his accounts.. he makes numerous accounts and adds tokens, than verbally abuses people "for being poor" and never tips, says it similarly in screen shot... terrible person... i was abused in freechat today .. also on 5 other of his accounts


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Hey @Being_Harassed

I'm sorry to hear you've had to deal with this on our platform.

I have searched through our Support tickets and cannot see any reports on this user.
Please ensure you always report these kinds of situations to our official Support team so they can investigate and take action right away.

Stripchat Support

I have now reviewed this user/accounts and taken the relevant action.
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This is essentially the online equivalent of guys who go to a stripclub and pull a wad of hundreds out of their wallet, count it, and put it back.
Sometimes they even wave them at the performer on stage then put it back.

They're doing it to feel superior.

It's just bait, don't rise to it.

It's just a sad insecure boy who thinks that money is tied to worth.
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I don't think that the support team can take strict actions towards these users. They already spent their money on SC and are considered great customers even if they're trolling models and etc. Just ban them if you don't like the attitude, it would be more convenient.
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I don't think that the support team can take strict actions towards these users.

Our users are important to us but this doesn't make them exempt from consequences/warnings when they breach our rules.

Terms of our site
As a condition of your use of the Website:
  • You agree not to threaten/harass anyone on or through the Website;
  • You agree that you shall not submit material that - Is obscene, vulgar, illegal, unlawful, defamatory, fraudulent, libelous, harmful, harassing, abusive, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, inflammatory, or otherwise inappropriate as decided by us in our sole discretion;

Everyone who is using our site is important and valued!
But whether you're a high-spending user or a top-of-the-charts model, violating our rules is not OK and our Support team does investigate all reports received.

We do take action with both users and models when required, therefore, please do not hesitate to report anyone breaching rules.

How to report models/users for violations:
  • Send an email from your registered email account to the official Stripchat Support team
  • Stripchat Support Email:
  • Attach all relevant evidence/screenshots to support your report of the violations

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