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Dearest ACF'ers...

If you click the Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.54.00 AM.png button on a post to report it for anything, whether it be a personal attack troll post, or spammilicious spam, or anything else that you're going to request to be edited or deleted, I need your assistance: don't reply to it. Just ignore it.

You've got 2 options if you come across something that needs to be removed. Either report it and ignore it, or reply to it and "defend" against it (which usually incites multiple other members to reply to it as well) and acknowledge that the post will likely NOT be removed. You can't do both, as it creates this clusterfuck of posts that need to be edited and/or deleted as a result. Also, it's appreciated if you don't go to other threads and reference it as well, as it gets very confusing once I take care of the original issue.

1. Report and ignore
2. Reply and get defensive

So please choose your path wisely. ;)
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Jupiter551 said:
I wonder how many times Amber's post has been reported :lol:
Never, when you click on the ! you can give a reason for the report, this is not the case if the post is already reported, no one has the guts to report that posting !!!
Yes, but if it has already created a lot of discussion and has many replies, I may refuse to delete it. So as I always say, "post wisely."
Amber, let me just say, I sooooo feel for you. People don't realize how hard admining a forum is, particularly when people choose the wrong path. Time and again.

You've got my full respect here. Just want you to know that.
mynameisbob84 said:
The irony of a spambot posting in a thread used for reporting spam and the like is not lost on me. No, sir-ee-Bob :-D
Hah I thought the same thing, myself. Well it's obviously being deleted right now so this post of yours may look awkward, but I couldn't delete this one as well simply because it's too funny.
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