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Rules regarding downloading videos

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Apr 9, 2022
I've tried contacting support, but as usual, they lack reading comprehension and an apparent will to answer questions. I wonder waht the rules on dowloading videos from your collection is. I've found the relevant section in the rules.

"You may not, download, reproduce, sell, rent, perform, or link to any content made available through the Platform, except as expressly permitted by the Community Member and/or Independent Broadcaster, as appropriate, responsible for such content or otherwise as permitted by the rules of the Platform."

I take this to mean that if I get permission from the model, I am allowed to download video, but as I've invested quite some time an money in the account, I really don't want to lose it. Do you think I could do it? Would they even know? And just to be prefectly clear, I'm not using any strange software, extensions or hacks, just vanilla Firefox, and I do not intend to reupload anything, it's just easier to have files for viewing locally, as the provided player isn't exactly stellar on chaturbate. And it's also nice to be able to view the content if I for some reason don't have an internet connection.
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