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Stripchat Payment Not Received

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Nov 13, 2023
My payout was made on 31-10-2023 but till now the money is not reflect on my account. I do mail in stripchat support but they just sent me screenshot and telling same thing. Do not help or track my payment at all. I reached to my bank branch twice but they told me that we didn't receive any payment. Please help out of this. When should I recieved my payment.
Please refer to my PM so I can obtain all your SC details, review your case and help you sort this out 🤗

No matter what unexpected circumstances and/or delays you may experience with payments,
please be confident that we always ensure our models receive all hard-earned funds accumulated on our site.
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My payment is in recalling process but they are saying that it's takes up to one month. But as I know Swift recalling process are takes maximum 4 days. Let's see what they doing. I have more than 20 models but by starting I face this type of problem and I am afraid to join models in my studio. This is very bad experience I faced with stripchat.
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It's past more than 38 days still I didn't receive my payment. Also it's past more than 10 days after started recalling process but still no update. At last I email to support team yesterday but they didn't get back to me. All my models are awaiting for their payment. I am also in so much trouble but they didn't understand my issues. I have 20+ models in my hand but I don't have dare or confidence to launch them. Because already I faced an issue.
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