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  1. A

    I got a permanent ban on SC !

    Hello, I work on Stripchat under the name of "Abbebrooks" . Recently, I visited a dear friend who is also a Stripchat model, and we are both registered under the same studio and we both are daily active models. Our community knows we are close friends, so when one of my followers asked her to...
  2. A

    Request for Account Reinstatement

    Dear Stripchat Support Team, I hope this message finds you well. Last year, my account was unjustly blocked due to allegations of using fake documents. These reports were fabricated by individuals aiming to get my account banned. Unfortunately, my account was suspended without any proper...
  3. R

    stripchat model's account showing disabled?

    why a stripchat model's account get disabled? Can please anyone explain it to me? To be specific that account which got disabled named as Game_Lover_7 i am supporting her since day 1 actually..
  4. M

    account ban issues (studio owner did something with my account)

    My name is Priya, and my account username is ms_elina. I was working under the studio and I told the studio manager that I ll not going to work as studio model now I ll open my own account he said you can't open your model account and hangup the phone Letter i checked my account as users that...
  5. I

    SC Account is not verified with government approved I'D.

    I send documents for verification on Stripchat, they get rejected. I have tried many times through government ID like Aadhaar card and PAN card. Please help me to verified my account.
  6. S

    serena_santos block account

    My account blocked 22may 2024 I remember that one day I put a ticket show and then I was waiting, at that time my system went to sleep mode and my son came and in front of my camera. I forgot to turn off the camera of my system. I am very sorry for being like this. I will be aware that such...
  7. L

    Payement refused on stripchat

    Hello Im a stripchat model Its my second week, I had my payement last week but this week it says refused even if I didn't changed any of payement details, I don't know what's the problem my bank account didn't refuse any transactions what should I do ? I'm using bank transaction method
  8. S

    What to do against unfair Review?

    Hello i just had a weird experiance on stripchat. A User wanted a private show and the show ended suddenly because he run out of tokens. Few minutes later he wanted another private show. The show started same but after a minute he started with faster harder use bigger dildo and stuff like this...
  9. Y

    Account blocked

    Hey! My stripchat account blocked for no reason, and i don't know if its permanently or temperorarily. I was enjoying the broadcast and suddenly popped out that your blocked. I didn't write anything in chats, literally they blocked for nothing. Help me out. My username is "UnhurtConfetti"...
  10. sweetpotato624158

    How to use my lovense lush on multiple sites?

    Hi dear! Can you one help me with this issue? I have lovense lush 3 along with lovense USB Bluetooth adapter. I'm using Brave Browser on my laptop windows and I have installed lovense cam extension. I have also installed OBS lovense tool sets because I use OBS for streaming. I have set up my...
  11. H

    Help me in recovering my terminated stripchat account

    @Charlie_SC my stripchat account hotti_rubii has been permanently terminated the region provided information input rejected but at the time of verification stripchat has approved my input information but tomorrow at night they suddenly reject it my payment is also got stuck. How can it possible...
  12. M

    Doubts about a couple profile

    Hello, I recently started using stripchat as a normal user and have found some couple profiles that I've liked. However, one day I noticed that one girl was absent and replaced by another one, which made me suspicious since I thought the original couple was genuine and worked independently. So...
  13. A

    Please help me to create account

    I am unable to create account in sc. Before 3 months I don't have my own documents so i am trying to create an account with my mom's documents and my face but unfortunately the account is created. That time I didn't know the sc rule well. After creating account I did not work there because I...
  14. S


    My id SWAMINl- was banned by mistake. If I was blocked for Teri-Jaan_ then please check Teri-Jaan_ was never my account. Please kindly check the document name of SWAMINl- and Teri-Jaan_ is not same person document. Please unblock my id SWAMINl-
  15. Jull

    I'm a Ukrainian model. A victim of insults. My account is blocked with $3500 on Stripchat

    I am a Ukrainian model, for two weeks I was a victim of insults from users of Stripchat. For two weeks I have been sending screenshots to Stripchat support showing me being abused. In the hope that they would help me! I was getting messages from users saying they wanted me dead, there were...
  16. P

    Account Banned Permanently Without Any Reason

    Hello Friends & @Charlie_SC my account username Priya-Ind29 got blocked or banned permanently without any valid reason. I verify my account before 1 month and I am working there also I make around $200 but before 2 weeks my account was blocked without any warning or reason. Then I contacted to...
  17. P

    My stripchat document is not getting verified

    Hello there please help my I'm trying to verify my stripchat account for many days now, I've tried both my adhar card and PAN card but they got rejected even if the text on the document is visible. Please help me how do i verify it.
  18. A

    Payment Not Received

    My payment was issued on 16th January 2024. But the amount was still not credited in my bank account. Payment Method - Visa Debit Card Whenever I reached to the customer support team they just ask me to wait. They told me whenever we got update we will inform you. Whenever I email then they...
  19. dps77923

    Why some Stripchat users always repeat in this two status?

    A question I want to ask everyone. Why some Stripchat users always repeat in this two status? ←→ ←→ This situation always happens after they tipped a lot of tokens (even over 4000 tokens) After they tipped tokens, their account status often change to this one until next time they come...
  20. N

    Shows in public places

    Hello! I’m pretty sure I will get a lot of hate for this, but I need to post about it. I’ve been on this site for many years and now I see it’s getting out of control. Since giving shows from public places is allowed, I see many girls going anywhere with lushes on, acting sexually etc. I’m not...