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  1. P

    My stripchat document is not getting verified

    Hello there please help my I'm trying to verify my stripchat account for many days now, I've tried both my adhar card and PAN card but they got rejected even if the text on the document is visible. Please help me how do i verify it.
  2. A

    Payment Not Received

    My payment was issued on 16th January 2024. But the amount was still not credited in my bank account. Payment Method - Visa Debit Card Whenever I reached to the customer support team they just ask me to wait. They told me whenever we got update we will inform you. Whenever I email then they...
  3. dps77923

    Why some Stripchat users always repeat in this two status?

    A question I want to ask everyone. Why some Stripchat users always repeat in this two status? ←→ ←→ This situation always happens after they tipped a lot of tokens (even over 4000 tokens) After they tipped tokens, their account status often change to this one until next time they come...
  4. N

    Shows in public places

    Hello! I’m pretty sure I will get a lot of hate for this, but I need to post about it. I’ve been on this site for many years and now I see it’s getting out of control. Since giving shows from public places is allowed, I see many girls going anywhere with lushes on, acting sexually etc. I’m not...
  5. AmbraEnm

    How to hide rating/reviews/score on model Stripchat?

    I don't see the option in my settings to hide rating scoring via Stripchat on my settings page because I don't feel comfortable that review readers would read my reviews. As other sites like Chaturbate and MFC you can hide the rating and score, unlike Stripchat it does not have the option to...
  6. M


    I Am Stripchat model for almost half decade and i am one of a whole of famer in Trans Category in 2021 and 2023 one of the top earner model in Stripchat community But i got Suspended forever earlier Unpairly i have still earnings on my account i really work hard for it…They say i have violated...
  7. A

    Payment Not Received

    Hey! Any Indian Models are here who can help me in my payment? My first wire transfer payout was reversed then I add another bank account but sc doesn't support that bank. Then I provide my International Visa debit card. On 16th January my payout status was paid but I didn't receive money in my...
  8. C


    Hi @Charlie_SC . I have a request but I don't want to post it here publicly. Is there a way I can contact / Dm you or any other SC representative here? Appreciate your prompt response. Thank you.
  9. S

    Dealing with a Stalker

    My girlfriend streams on both SC and used to on CB (sometimes other sites too) and the past month we have had trouble with this stalker: Wolftotem565 He is agressive, very problematic, mentally ill, verbally abusive... you get it... The problem, this kid is rich so he is a red user, making him...
  10. W

    Stripchat private/exclusive private show on other platforms

    hi, I suspect something about Private/Exclusive Private. normally in Private, we can spy for free first 15 sec, and in Exclusive Private we can't spy, right? So, I wonder if the model has shown private/exclusive private in Stripchat can I watch the same model on other platforms? ans, as I try...
  11. A


    As SC is not legal in India, what do u mention in the receipt of payment for indian models. Also, how do indian model pay tax for such income. What should I mention in source of income when I will file tax? If govt ask me that from which company you recieved money and reason then what should we...
  12. A

    International Wire Transfer

    Hi @Charlie_SC Please help me with my below issue with username - Indhouse69 My last payout which was International Wire Transfer was rejected on 9-3-2023 due non acceptance of bank. So when was my future payout happened? On next Tuesday (16-3-2023) or other Tuesday (23-3-2023) I am confused...
  13. A

    Payout Is not happened

    Is everyone's payment was in waiting? Because my payment was still not gone to waiting. Is anyone issue same problem?
  14. A

    Document Rejected

    Hello @Charlie_SC My username is Aroshi-Ind and I am trying to verify my account. But every time I upload my passport it's get rejected. Please note - I have only one name means in my passport i have only surname. I don't have given name. Please told me how can I verify my account?
  15. N

    CAN'T START STREAMING IT KEEPS SAYING Thank you for uploading photo You can continue broadcasting after we verify your identity but it's already been

    hello here is my issue when I attempt to start my broadcast it keeps saying that I need to verify my identity though I've already verified and even got a verification email showing approved I've had this problem going on for over 2 days now I've been emailing stripchat support for the last two...
  16. S

    "Porn" Viewers in the EU may have to prove their age?

    Hello everyone, i was wondering both users who view and cam if this will change anything going forward? I've put it here as while Stripchat is mentioned, i assume most other cam sites will eventually be "forced" to follow. Will this be a cause...
  17. TonyFord

    Permanently banned after a verification

    Hi there, Hi everyone! I’ve been on Stripchat as a model with the name “Tonyford” - Yesterday I just logged in my account to see If I have any messages from members as I always did but weird was that a verification needed my attention - Not a problem, In a moment I have done what the website...
  18. I

    Stripchat Payment Not Received

    My payout was made on 31-10-2023 but till now the money is not reflect on my account. I do mail in stripchat support but they just sent me screenshot and telling same thing. Do not help or track my payment at all. I reached to my bank branch twice but they told me that we didn't receive any...
  19. S

    My stripchat account disable

    My stripchat account disable. I am submitting the documents issued by the Government of India but they are rejecting why I am uploading the Aadhar Card of the Government of India, this is the only official Government ID of India.
  20. K

    How to change email without old email please help anyone feon stripchat

    How to change email without old email please help anyone. Stripchat