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  1. icogirl

    A studio ruined my webcam model career: Seeking assistance and resolution.

    Hello everyone, I am writing to share a situation that I recently encountered and seek advice and guidance. My webcam modeling account on Stripchat has been suspended, and I am in need of your support and insights. First and foremost, I want to share a bit about myself. I am from Ukraine, a...
  2. V

    Permanent suspended

    Hello. My account was permanently blocked whilst I was streaming yesterday. The reason shows outside the platform. I was multistreaming on Chaturbate whilst I received the suspension. I did not accept payments from outside the platform, hence my confusion. I haven't seen any rules about...
  3. rose_of_sharon_cassidy

    What do you think camsites can do better for models?

    Camsites like Chaturbate, Stripchat, Bongacams, myfreecams, etc. - what features do you wish they had or can improve on to make your experience better as a model? Improving your experience could mean anything such as a more sleek user interface, analytic tools to see trends in your user...
  4. W

    Live stream and Onlyfans TOS.

    Hello I've been live streaming on Stripchat for a while and I was wondering if it is ok to multi stream to Onlyfans while I am doing it on Stripchat... or maybe later sell live stream record as ppv on Onlyfans. Wonder if it would break onlyfans rules and get me banned?
  5. LilyOrion

    Missing Stripchat Payment

    My international wire payment hasn't been received from the May 14 cutoff on stripchat. They told me to have my bank locate the wire transfer but my bank said they can't do that. It's over $5000 and I really can't afford to lose that. Has anyone else had a payment come in without an issue after...
  6. H

    Account verification

    I was new on site and someone talking about offline payment with me, i was new don't know what to do with that guy for that reason my account gone blocked i lost my 15000 tokens. I talk with moderation team they said account is blocked with that decision I'm okay but i want to work on this for...
  7. H

    My account gone blocked

    Hello my account gone blocked just because of late verification then they asked me to send documents again on safelink which they me in email but then get the email that my account gone blocked for forever please help me out in registered email in it is and...
  8. I

    Account Blocked - Help Me

    Dear Sir, @Charlie_SC @xChloe Good Morning from India!! We are working for StripChat since September 2022. Every time I verified my face, as shown in sample Image. Today the same face verification popped up on our mobile device, I provided the same sample pic shown on the Mobile screen...
  9. sweetcap33

    OBS Screensizing

    How can you change the sizing on the OBS vid screen that displays the show. It's automatically in a square shape for me but I'd like to be able to change it to widescreen as well, if anyone can help with that please and thanks in advance! <3
  10. ChavaReign

    Who has worked with LiveJasmin recently?

    Hello all, I’ve recently been ridiculously banned from camming on Stripchat so I am finding other places to stream. LiveJasmin is on the list, have any of you streamed using their site? Pros: Cons: ? If you’ve streamed on LiveJasmin, Chaturbate, Bongamodels etc share your experience.
  11. ChavaReign

    Stripchat Ban

    My account (MistressChava) has been banned. Due to my surprise it’s banned, I am being 100% truthful. I thought what can lead to bans was accepting payments for offline shows that aren’t related to SC. I didn’t know I couldn’t receive tips outside of SC when almost every single top model has...
  12. F

    Issues with Lovense toys staying connected to Stripchat MOBILE

    Hi there! I’m having issues with my Lovense toys staying connected when broadcasting on Stripchat from my mobile phone. When this happened before I rectified the situation by connecting toys after starting the mobile stream. Unfortunately, the last 2 Lovense Connect App releases (2.9.3 and now...
  13. Melody_Love_

    Blocked forever because of advertising another platforms

    I would like to ask for help! My account was permanently banned for advertising another platform. I wasn't up to date with the policy, so I didn't know they could no longer be advertised. I got a 7 day ban but as soon as it was over I got a permanent ban. Is there any way to reactivate my...
  14. S

    Account Verification Issue

    Hi, I have 2 documents Aadhar Card and PAN Card I am providing for account verification but getting rejection “Upload Different Document” I have only 2 documents, plz verify or let me know errors on my documents. Thanks
  15. L

    Seven Day Suspension

    Last night as I was going to check my messages and found that I had been suspended for advertising other platforms. I have only been working for less then a week and have no other platforms to advertise. Im so confused on why this has happened. I’m also within my 15 day intro peirod and a seven...
  16. T

    Permanent suspension stripchat

    please someone help! I’m so panicked right now I’m new to streaming only been doing it a couple months and woke up yesterday to being permanently suspended on stripchat for accepting payments outside of the website but I had no clue you could not do it I had a guy going insane at me saying it...
  17. hiall

    StripChat Review: How good is this Cam Site in 2023

    Hi all, this is the first article on my site! Don't judge strictly, I just started developing my site. You probably already know what Stripchat is, but that’s just in case. Stripchat is the place to find the hottest girls. They’re filmed live, waiting for you to fuck yourselves like crazy while...
  18. L

    Why My Stripchat profile appears on xhamster?

    Why My Stripchat profile appears on xhamster? Does the Xhamster got paid for my profile? How can I remove my self from there, I’m receiving awkward messages from people who saw me there
  19. T

    Account suspended

    Hii stripchat team I am TThristy-girl we have a 1 year journey on stripchat there is lot of ups and downs there .we are banned recently and the reason is offering shows outside stripchat .But we did not do any shows outside than stripchat .we are shocked that without any big mistake our account...
  20. S

    Document verification help

    Hi.. I am Silky_dolly , a webcam artist from India.. I was trying to create a account in stripchat for few days . For document verification I was uploading passport , but everytime it is getting rejected idk why.. Kindly help @xChloe in this matter , I have already emailed you from my...