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Payment Not Received

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Dec 25, 2023
My payment was issued on 16th January 2024. But the amount was still not credited in my bank account.

Payment Method - Visa Debit Card

Whenever I reached to the customer support team they just ask me to wait. They told me whenever we got update we will inform you.

Whenever I email then they just saying the same thing again and again.

Before this payment my another payment also stuck which payment method was wire transfer. But after many follow up and waiting for more than 50 days the amount was reversed back to my sc account.

But this time they are just saying the same thing that once we have update we will inform you.

Anyone kindly help me in this situation.

Note - I already created another thread in past but I am trying to add this issue to that thread but not updated there. So i created another thread.
Hi. Yeah, you could have just said everything you needed to say in the first thread you created. You didn’t need to make a second one. Charlie has already told you that she/they will look into it.
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