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  1. A

    Document Rejected

    Hello @Charlie_SC My username is Aroshi-Ind and I am trying to verify my account. But every time I upload my passport it's get rejected. Please note - I have only one name means in my passport i have only surname. I don't have given name. Please told me how can I verify my account?
  2. N

    CAN'T START STREAMING IT KEEPS SAYING Thank you for uploading photo You can continue broadcasting after we verify your identity but it's already been

    hello here is my issue when I attempt to start my broadcast it keeps saying that I need to verify my identity though I've already verified and even got a verification email showing approved I've had this problem going on for over 2 days now I've been emailing stripchat support for the last two...
  3. S

    "Porn" Viewers in the EU may have to prove their age?

    Hello everyone, i was wondering both users who view and cam if this will change anything going forward? I've put it here as while Stripchat is mentioned, i assume most other cam sites will eventually be "forced" to follow. Will this be a cause...
  4. TonyFord

    Permanently banned after a verification

    Hi there, Hi everyone! I’ve been on Stripchat as a model with the name “Tonyford” - Yesterday I just logged in my account to see If I have any messages from members as I always did but weird was that a verification needed my attention - Not a problem, In a moment I have done what the website...
  5. I

    Stripchat Payment Not Received

    My payout was made on 31-10-2023 but till now the money is not reflect on my account. I do mail in stripchat support but they just sent me screenshot and telling same thing. Do not help or track my payment at all. I reached to my bank branch twice but they told me that we didn't receive any...
  6. S

    My stripchat account disable

    My stripchat account disable. I am submitting the documents issued by the Government of India but they are rejecting why I am uploading the Aadhar Card of the Government of India, this is the only official Government ID of India.
  7. K

    How to change email without old email please help anyone feon stripchat

    How to change email without old email please help anyone. Stripchat
  8. D


  9. H

    Adding person rejected

    Hii I registered as model and My model I'd is HOTINDIANCOUPLESEX , am trying to ADD PERSON TO get my documents verification but they are getting rejected everytime (I used 3 types of Indian Government issued IDs like PAN card, Aadhar Card and Driver Licence, I don't have passport) saying...
  10. R

    I am from India and I'm not able to get my stripchat account verified. I tried it with pan card and aadhar card but everytime it's getting rejected.

    I am from India and I'm not able to get my stripchat account verified. I tried it with pan card and aadhar card but everytime it's getting rejected for different reasons like the details are modified or try with different official documents. @xChloe , @Charlie_SC please help.
  11. L

    Possible glitch?

    I am only allowed to view 18 models on the search page WITHOUT the option to view more. Basically models that are not 1 of the 18 that I can view are being hidden. Example: I search "BBW" it has 201 results but I am only able to view 18 of the 201 "BBW" models without the option to view more...
  12. M

    My Verification Document Getting Rejected Every Time

    Hii @Charlie_SC I registered as model and My model I'd is MeriShalu , I am trying to get my documents verification but they are getting rejected every time (I used 2 types of Indian Government issued IDs like PAN card, Aadhar Card, I don't have other documents) saying technically modified. I...
  13. P

    How to list myself under VR Model ?

    Hello everyone , I am streaming from last 6 month and now i want to list myself under the VR section is there anyone who can tell me the process I am using OBS for streaming Thank you
  14. A

    Permanent ban

    Hello, i am new and trying to make an account on stripchat but due to some verification reasons, i got permanent ban but i dont understand why they having any verifications issues? I made a mistake while uploading picture of my documents with my screen-name, i wrote july instead of june, because...
  15. L

    My account suspended forever

    Hello , My account Nooof1 has been deleted I received an email saying that I had another account, I contacted the support and they said that someone unregistered was broadcasting in my account,but I’m the only one who use it. The third email they said that I’m cooperating with fraudulent users...
  16. icogirl

    A studio ruined my webcam model career: Seeking assistance and resolution.

    Hello everyone, I am writing to share a situation that I recently encountered and seek advice and guidance. My webcam modeling account on Stripchat has been suspended, and I am in need of your support and insights. First and foremost, I want to share a bit about myself. I am from Ukraine, a...
  17. V

    Permanent suspended

    Hello. My account was permanently blocked whilst I was streaming yesterday. The reason shows outside the platform. I was multistreaming on Chaturbate whilst I received the suspension. I did not accept payments from outside the platform, hence my confusion. I haven't seen any rules about...
  18. rose_of_sharon_cassidy

    What do you think camsites can do better for models?

    Camsites like Chaturbate, Stripchat, Bongacams, myfreecams, etc. - what features do you wish they had or can improve on to make your experience better as a model? Improving your experience could mean anything such as a more sleek user interface, analytic tools to see trends in your user...
  19. W

    Live stream and Onlyfans TOS.

    Hello I've been live streaming on Stripchat for a while and I was wondering if it is ok to multi stream to Onlyfans while I am doing it on Stripchat... or maybe later sell live stream record as ppv on Onlyfans. Wonder if it would break onlyfans rules and get me banned?
  20. LilyOrion

    Missing Stripchat Payment

    My international wire payment hasn't been received from the May 14 cutoff on stripchat. They told me to have my bank locate the wire transfer but my bank said they can't do that. It's over $5000 and I really can't afford to lose that. Has anyone else had a payment come in without an issue after...