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  1. Rima_princess_stripchat

    I lost my stripchat email

    Hello all Surprised yesterday that my google account linked to my Stripchat account was closed And now I want to change my email.. Please help me I contacted support and got no response Thanks
  2. DaintyPrentiss

    Promo Period

    Hey, 'nother question: Looking to drive as many users to my page as I can during the Promo Period for us Stripchat newbies. Would anyone have advice for strategies that users might have shown positive attraction for in the past?
  3. DaintyPrentiss

    Adding friends

    Hi! I'm new to stripchat and have started receiving friend invites from members. Should I accept them? Should I put a price on accepting them? How might other models handle this, if they're familiar with stripchat? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. DaintyPrentiss

    Custom panels

    Hi! It's my 2nd day streaming on Stripchat, and I'm trying to complete my profile, and they want me to create 4 custom panels. I would like to get creative and was hoping to get some ideas from anyone who's familiar with Stripchat Panels. Anything would be appreciated! I'm so excited to take...
  5. Maxi

    Stripchat vs XHL Payment

    Hi all, I’ve recently joined SC (2 weeks ago) however I registered through XHamsterLive (I’d never heard of SC). After a quick search, I understand that XHL is a white label of SC, both started at the same time, owned by the same company: same thing. However, I tried logging in to SC and it...
  6. D

    My account was blocked

    Hello I need urgent help with my account. Today morning I was harassed by a member and I told him off, then banned him from my Stripchat account. Just minutes later I was blocked and couldn't log in. This is not the first time that I have received rude messages by members on this site and I am...
  7. S

    permanent banned forever

    Hi ...Stripchat management... I am Models of strip chat and my account name is - " shellydelhii " , I would like to present the case as follows: I have received an email saying: "We'd like to let you know that the account " shellydelhii "has been suspended for FOREVER. because by fault...
  8. Seoslo95

    Payment issues

    Hi I was trying to withdrawal my money from stripchat but the same day they supposed to send me the money they just blocked my account without any explanation, I wrote a lot of emails but support team never answer, I didn't receive warnings or any advising me about this. So I'm just looking for...
  9. P

    Why is the account of model who hasn't been online for 2 months suddenly disabled

    【Background 】 A Stripchat model work for studio and has two accounts. One has not been online for 2 months, the other has not been online for more than 3 months. Both accounts belong to her (and studio). 【Main】 Yesterday, her two accounts have been disabled. As far as I know, if model break...
  10. alien_girl

    Help , Haven’t received payment from StripChat

    Hi everyone , I really need help :( I am writing in regards to not being paid by StripChat. I contacted stripchat support on august 23rd because I received an unusual email about a different sign in on my account. Not even an hour after receiving that email I was unable to open or even log...
  11. KingMarti

    Looking For Member Opinions On Custom Room Functions

    I worked out I can pull the tip and chat data out of chaturbate (stripchat coming soon and other sites after that). Being able to get the tip and chat data out of the site ment I could have it trigger custom scripts that do various things, like change the scene in obs (things like tip to change...
  12. Kamrynxstarr

    Grey Tipping

    So The other night I was live on Stripchat and a grey come into my room asking for me to do stuff so I asked him to tip and I said something along of lines of tip for requests or buy tokens to support me and he said he had tokens and I said no you don't because I thought grey users had never...
  13. M

    Information needed from Stripchat for Tax Returns

    Hi! For me to be able to do my taxes, I need the following information from Stripchat: Name company, company number, full address, phone and email. I have tried to get in contact with Stripchat, but they are not responding. Perhaps someone on this forum can provide me this information. It would...
  14. CryBabyLin

    Fall in love with member

    A lot of models from Russian community always telling me this words: “don’t fall in love with members.And don’t trust to their words about paying of your ticket and perfect love like in fairytale” Every time thinking about this make me sad. I know that in this job my head need to be cold and...
  15. I

    Please help . . . . Please 🙏🙏🙏, please

    My account was banned because I've made the stupid mistake to share a link for another platform. Is there any chance to get my account back? How and what can I do to correct that stupid mistake? Please help
  16. U

    Stripchat shadow bans account from a certain ethnicity

    Hi fellow girls, I wonder why nobody talks why stripchat suddenly decided to shadow ban girls who have ethnicity tag India but are not from India. You don't need to be genius to find out that they shadow banned/hidden all girls who are from outside India (Identification) but they selected...
  17. C

    Increased scamming on Stripchat.

    I have been a stripchat user for 4 years. Stripchat has seen a nice increase in traffic and in the number of models listed. At the same time, I've noticed a marked increase in the number of scams. The rules state: - We cannot give refunds on cases of agreements or shows that took place outside...
  18. I

    Pancard not getting verified on Stripchat

    I have been a model for more than 2 years and suddenly they ask me for some model agreement approval but it always stuck on request approval so I deleted my documents and uploaded again but now they are saying that I need to upload another ID ... I only have pancard and aadhar card ... I don't...
  19. Bella-White

    why is there a bot always in my room?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post in this forum, I introduce myself, I'm Bella-White ;) The reason for my post is because a few weeks ago there is a gray user who connects just when I put "start transmission" but I haven't started the show yet, why could this be? Is it one of those bots that...
  20. C

    Camgirlpedia shows trending tags and detailed tag statistics from top cam sites for free! (and other useful tools)

    A month ago I released a website that shows detailed statistics and historical data for tags on a number of cam sites, it was suggested that I make a post here because it might be a useful resource for people. What it does: The website lets you browse all tag data for free...