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  1. C

    Increased scamming on Stripchat.

    I have been a stripchat user for 4 years. Stripchat has seen a nice increase in traffic and in the number of models listed. At the same time, I've noticed a marked increase in the number of scams. The rules state: - We cannot give refunds on cases of agreements or shows that took place outside...
  2. I

    Pancard not getting verified on Stripchat

    I have been a model for more than 2 years and suddenly they ask me for some model agreement approval but it always stuck on request approval so I deleted my documents and uploaded again but now they are saying that I need to upload another ID ... I only have pancard and aadhar card ... I don't...
  3. Bella-White

    why is there a bot always in my room?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post in this forum, I introduce myself, I'm Bella-White ;) The reason for my post is because a few weeks ago there is a gray user who connects just when I put "start transmission" but I haven't started the show yet, why could this be? Is it one of those bots that...
  4. C

    Camgirlpedia shows trending tags and detailed tag statistics from top cam sites for free! (and other useful tools)

    A month ago I released a website that shows detailed statistics and historical data for tags on a number of cam sites, it was suggested that I make a post here because it might be a useful resource for people. What it does: The website lets you browse all tag data for free...
  5. West Coast Wonder

    Wire transfer to Canada

    Hey! Just had to change my payout method on SC to international wire transfer. Can someone advise if you're u only need to provide your account number and swift code?.Or do you need to provide the branch transit number and institution number as well? There wasn't a place to input the last...
  6. S

    Account has been suspended

    Hi, I have received a mail stating my account has been suspended forever for violating show rules(standards) I have been streaming for the past 1 year and have not been warned or done anything outside the stripchat guidance norms; please help me in understanding what went wrong. Today morning I...
  7. C

    New version of TipTicker released

    Hello Forum, Finally some news on acf regarding TipTicker. I made many improvements on TipTicker over the past months. Finally it supports Stripchat! The designer working together with me has created many new Animation packages. Licensing TipTicker is now availavle through an affordable...
  8. SpookyBebop

    Stripchat second account locked out… please help I’m scared I’m not going to be able to pay rent

    This is such a mess at this point. I had thought I could make a second account and slowly move myself to that new account. This is apparently not how the system is set up at all. I uploaded my ID to the second account and they got approved. I did not realize this would lock me out if my current...
  9. E

    My input data stole, please help

    Hi, my details (password and email address) have been stolen and changed. I can't log in to my account because my email address has been changed. When I write that I have forgotten my password, I am advised to go to my email and confirm it, but the person who stole my information has changed my...
  10. KingMarti

    Changing up my cam shows, opinions wanted.

    Been planning on changing up my cam streams, I wanted to do something that's a more interactive (and hopefully fun for everyone in the chat). Not everyone has tokens to spend every day so some days are going to be slower than others, currently when there's no one tipping there's not much of...
  11. iva_handfull

    Who are these people??

    I have noticed for the past month or so that the number of viewers in my room is hundreds of times higher than what I normally see. (900+ viewers compared to 40 or so) However, the increase in traffic is from non-registered accounts. Initially when I saw the huge spike in viewers, I thought...
  12. D

    Stripchat down for UK?!

    Hi! Many of my regulars and some other users have complained that they cannot access my stream, and when they finally do its laggy, breaking up, constantly goes to gray with a loading circle in the middle and takes forever to reload..., also in general the site won't load for them 9 times out...
  13. D

    Plasma messenger NOT working, help!

    Hi guys! Is your Plasma messenger working fine? I set it up a month ago and it worked okay ish in the beginning, just took forever to load messages from users, and now it won't load anything at all. I get a notification that I have a message, click on it and then it just says decrypting...
  14. S

    Best payment method

    Hi team, It looks like recently all the payouts are getting rejected for payouts for Indian users. Can you please check and confirm the best one which is working for Indians. Userid:
  15. Sashacurves

    Suggestions for new cam site to join?

    I've been debating with myself ever since my MFC camscore started it's steady decline, but been avoiding leaving because I'm comfortable with the setup. I've finally decided to get my ass in gear because I'm sick of only earning a couple hundred tokens a night when I used to earn several...
  16. iva_handfull

    User with same name (almost)

    So... I'm in the middle of a StripChat show the other night when I noticed something funny in the chat. At first I was confused by what I saw until it dawned on me what it was. There was a grey user in the chat with my username, spelled slightly different, who said "hello me". That user was...
  17. Octavia888

    Stripchat payment methods?

    Hello, I am from Ukraine, I want to start with stripchat, but I can't use paxum, easypay and this services, because of technical issues I can't verify my address. Maybe someone can answer me, can I get the pay in international transfer to Ukrainian bank account? I have Israeli bank account as...
  18. I

    Had my stripchat account suspended

    Hello, I had my stripchat account suspended a few days ago for broadcasting with an unregistered model, my girlfriend. I followed all the requests for documents of our info and have not been responded to in 3 days. Pretty worried at this point. I would really appreciate any help anyone could...
  19. A

    Missing Money from SC

    Hello am not sure where to go i have been waiting 1 week since my last complaint to the company about why money and tokens are begin removed from my account anywhere between 6-$30 every 5 days. I am tried of my money begin taken out no one is answering emails and my last email i was told we...
  20. SIREN

    SIREN bot in your Telegram channel or group

    Dear streamers! Now you can add our bot to your Telegram group or your channel. It will notify your users whenever you are online automatically