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My account was blocked

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I need urgent help with my account.
Today morning I was harassed by a member and I told him off, then banned him from my Stripchat account. Just minutes later I was blocked and couldn't log in.
This is not the first time that I have received rude messages by members on this site and I am aware that I should not have engaged with him and just should have blocked him.
I'm the only breadwinner in my family and I made the most money on this site.
I have sent a support message and I hope to resolve this issue.
I beg of you to give me another chance. I promise I will simply block them next time somebody tries to mess with me.
I'm lost without this site and I have always been careful with the website rules, even warning users and reporting them if they tried fradulent behavior on me. It really upsets me to have been blocked from this site.
I have also been seeing that anybody who was blocked/suspended from this site should receive an Email with the reasoning and duration of the suspention/ban. However, I never received any Email and I'm terrified to know what this means...
Please any moderators out there if you could help me I would be endlessly grateful. I think its a shame how some members on this site can harass and bully cam models, but if we do something in return we get treated like this....This is not fair.
The problem has been resolved, I got the Email in late, but the reason is there and luckily its not a permanent bad.....I feel relieved now and I will definitely act better next time some member tries to harass me.
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