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help me

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  1. S

    sex tape with ex from my cam girl girlfriend

    hello to everyone, i will tell the whole story so you all have the full image but i will try to keep it short i'm in a long distance relationship with a cam girl for 3 months now. we have done a lot together (watching movies, videocalling all day etc.). we are having a very good time together...
  2. Capryce

    Ok wtf is going on with this site?

    Since yesterday whenever I try to log on to Chaturbate I get a plain html based text site, and it's the same with all my navigators: firefox, google chrome and opera. My boyfriend has the same issue. But on my smartphone, everything is displayed normally and I can even see the people...
  3. Lilah_Marquise

    Pricing? 1 Month Girlfriend Experience

    Hey, newbie here, hoping to get some advice from more experienced gals. I recently had a guy (purple member) approach me through chaturbate to ask if I would provide a 1 month girlfriend experience. I'd never considered this before and feel a bit out of my depth here He wants one 25 min phone...
  4. SpookyBetty

    Clips4Sale and manyvids bbw ideas

    I'm here to ask for ideas for videos. I'm bbw and for a while I was popping out videos left and right, but now I'm scared my videos are going to start to all look the same (me with a dildo doing various positions.) I have a good amount of toys (bad dragon mostly) but I have only used 2 of them...
  5. M

    Hi, I'm new

    So, I had a user DM my asking for role playing. Which I was ok with cause he wanted true private, buuuut when I asked roleplay as what he said brother/sister under aged. I was wondering how do I report this person?
  6. A

    help in account verification

    hello good day, I'm the user: scarlett_shelby I just sent my documents for age verification, but they ask me for a passport, bear in mind that I am a Colombian citizen and it is from Colombia that I transmit, I sent my Colombian citizenship card certifying that I am legally of age in my...
  7. S

    *Begginer* Ideas 4 a very very very begginer?

    *sorry 4 my bad english* Last Year, i used to stream live in some plataforms like LiveMe ( i was 17) to have a little bit of "knowlegment" about being watched, and i really liked (Just chat btw), but wasn't my strong. SO, i quitted and started an ASMR channel in youtube, what was cool, but some...
  8. Annabell_blossom

    Camsoda questions

    Hey everyone! So I'm totally new to pretty much everything (camming and posting in forms...I know I'm a cave women). So I've had my first show 2 days ago and again yesterday. It went really really really well, I made WAY more money then what I was expecting and I somehow have almost 100...
  9. J

    New to camming! Help!!

    Hello my lovelies, I will start camming next month (just sorting myself out with outfits, toys etc and only just got a laptop to cam with) I'm from the UK, so would working for an American site be okay? or is there a good UK site? I have been looking at EYEKANDIMODELS, EYEKANDICAMS, as they...
  10. Vivi Plush

    Need help from a femme dom??

    I recently got involved with a man who gets enjoyment off paying me money. He wanted some ideas for "accountability" Like punishments I guess. Now it's NOT supposed to be sexual. (At least not right now) So far all I could think of was late fees, taking me shopping, and buying my groceries for...
  11. N

    Please help me ID this girl

    Been trying to find the girls name or more content from her for a long time now but with no succes as of yet. Hope someone can help me ID her! The link to the video (only thing I have): Thanks in advance!
  12. LolaDragon

    How do I deal with this Premium on MFC

    So I'm new the cam world. I'm a total n00b. I started on MFC in November, made over 6,000 tokens on my second day as a "new model" but eventually college classes and life in general came up so I took a break and now I'm back and have to build myself back up unfortunately. (So much regret for not...
  13. LunaHellsing

    Someone tipped off my mom that I'm a model, advice?

    Let me start by saying that I made an account here so I could make this post. I am 20 years old. I have severe anxiety, minor PTSD, and major depression. I've found that being a non-nude cam model has helped me so much, even though I've only been doing it for a couple days now. I already feel...
  14. SageSativa

    New to camming/premium snap/selling videos

    Hi everyone! I've been camming/figuring it out over the last month. I just signed up and got approved on MFC yesterday and was on chaturbate before that but now I only do chaturbate with my partner as my personal account was I believe hacked. ANYWAY I would like to know how you lovely ladies...
  15. A

    Please help me save her, I do love her (I am NOT asking for $$$)

    Before I begin, I just want to clarify that I am not talking about convincing a model to leave her job and marry me. I have no problem with what she does. She's a kind person who works hard to provide for her son. She just does not love herself. She wants to get life threatening plastic surgery...
  16. jinx juggs

    Stuck in css mode

    I'm seriously stuck in css edit mode. I've google and looked for the button but there isn't one showing up. i even logged out to see if it was just a glitch. I'm on mfc. Please i cant finish my profile edits :/
  17. B

    Legacy working as a cam girl in Canada

    Hello everyone, I am new in the forum and I was a cam model as well. I would like to know if any of you know if webcam modeling is a legal job in Canada according to the new laws for sex workers...?
  18. MissBubblegum

    Noob looking for some advice :3

    Hey! I am pretty new to this site, and to camming itself. I joined to hopeful gain some insight and get to know more individuals like myself! I tried camming a few months ago, and stuck to it for about a month and a half. I started on MFC and I was honestly doing well. Some personal stuff came...
  19. thenikki

    MFC cam model of 4 years and I still struggle?

    Hi I am needing help as to what am I doing wrong on MF. I love mfc it has a lot of potential for a good income. I will start with saying I do not believe I am ugly which on this I have come to find out looks really do not matter.I have a logitech 920 studio lighting and a good computer. I make...
  20. SinBabyXO


    I get my first check from Streamate today, and I want to spend most of it on improving my show. What do you guys recommend I buy? I don't have any toys, I've never used one actually, how do I go about getting the right one? Is there a "wrong" one? Other than sexy clothes, toys and lube is there...