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Jul 8, 2021
Recently every time I stream, there would be extremely long gaps between each decent tip. During these gaps there can be 1tk 5 tk tips but in total less than 20tks for a whole hour.

People are completely quiet and no one talks. I just stand there feeling frustrated and awkward.

Thinking starting to talk out of nowhere is stupid so I don't do it but participate in the silence.

I would turn up the music and dance to it, or trying to act sexy to tease, change positions/hair style, make my makeup better, but it seems like none of what I do would EVER work.

When these seemingly desperate, doomed silent periods start, they seem to never will end no matter what I do.

Another thing is that, when I start to do shows the viewers count doesn't increase as it used to. For example before when I had 700 viewers in my room and when I started to do a show, I'll have 900 people very quick, but now at most 800.

Is there anything I do wrong?? I really need someone to help. Please ask me whatever questions you want to. Thank you
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