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  1. tinymartianslut

    Help make my ManyVids "Fund Me" Interesting

    So... no one wants to tip to my Fund Me section on ManyVids. I've entered the level of desperation. I have $0 in there. Not certain why. The desired item is an amazing dildo. It'll make my videos awesome. I made the incentive the other day a free nude fan sign to everyone who tips $5. Yeah...
  2. tinymartianslut

    Favorite Apps/Bots No One Knows About

    Okay, so in my boredom I like to go around the end pages of the bots and apps that are new and old to see what people have made, even deserted. Sure, no one uses them, and perhaps that's a sign, but they're still interesting. Such as the Pokemon and D&D one. They sadly have glitches and break...
  3. tinymartianslut

    Sleepy as heck---wake-up suggestions?

    I tend to get drowsy a lot. Even if I get enough Zzzs. The issue is, I don't drink soda. Period. (And won't) I drink a lot of black tea, though. And I've started on sugarless coffee (ick) and keep energy snacks nearby, but it's not really doing the trick. I'm not sure what to do. I keep drifting...
  4. Jesse Angel

    12 Hour Broadcast? Thoughts?

    I'm thinking about having a 12 hour broadcast on MyFreeCams in the near future (Most likely early November) and depending on how that goes, I'd want to potentially attempt an even longer broadcast. I'm not sure if MFC has restrictions on how long you can be online for, but if nothing were to...
  5. J

    im new to chaturbate, how was your first week or month?

    Hi everyone I'm new here and new to CB :) At the moment I've been on cb for 3 weeks (1-2x/week) and have created a small following, about 950 users (is that good?). All I've done is chat with them and do very minimal teasing. It's super fun! I'm really enjoying it. Would like to know everyone's...
  6. BlissfulSins

    What social media do you use?

    I'm new to being a Cam Model and need everyone's advice on what social media to open for my model self? Twitter seems to be popular but what about FB pages and IG? And tumblr? What do general posts look like from Cam girls? I'm super curious!