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  1. H

    This room requires a password

    Hi, I have been following some broadcasters in Chaturbate but I have seen one that requires a password everytime I check. Even though it’s offline, the room still requires a password. What does this mean? Is this person on a private show or watching a different private show? Thanks.
  2. B

    700 viewers in my room, 50min without tips. Anything I do is wrong?

    Recently every time I stream, there would be extremely long gaps between each decent tip. During these gaps there can be 1tk 5 tk tips but in total less than 20tks for a whole hour. People are completely quiet and no one talks. I just stand there feeling frustrated and awkward. Thinking...
  3. SubmissiveSophie

    Just when I thought I had half a grip.

    Hello lovelies! So, I am about to be taking big steps with this and putting in all the work I can as it is about to be my full time job - exciting I know! One of the takeaways I have gotten, is to keep your momentum with your "NEW" feature when you start your account, promote yourself and...
  4. O

    Almost Certainly Another Scam

    I know, I know... this topic pops up every day with another fool praying he’s actually found love. Today, I am that fool. I wanted to lay out some of my story and hope somebody can offer an objective opinion. This is not my first rodeo. I’ve been using cam sites for a while and have never...
  5. LittleRedBunny Academy

    Transition from one site to another experience/advice/feedback

    Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well and making it through these sometimes difficult and changing times! I myself have been going through some changes and I am curious to get some specific feedback on a certain topic. So if anyone would be so kind as to help my curiosity and take a little...
  6. D

    Models, when is it appropriate for a member to give stream feedback/advice to the model?

    Hi everyone, Given how independent camming & misc. is, it's no surprise that there are several different levels of experience and/or quality per the gig. I.e. someone may struggle with lighting, audio, getting a clear stream, etc. etc.. There are several aspects, and it's arguably rare to find...
  7. M

    Fan member became a stalker

    Hi everyone. I’ve been caming on Chaturbate for almost 6 months. It’s been rough and hard but I feel I was getting to a better place. Since a couple of months one of my biggest tippers became green and had been in my room every day. He encouraged me and helped me out when I was losing...
  8. babybellaxo

    Dealing With Internalized Homophobia

    As of late, I've been experiencing quite a bit of internalized homophobia and struggling with my sexuality due to fear of accepting love from my soulmate, or "twin flame" in the spiritual community. I've been highly considering dating/having sexual relationships with men in order to explore what...
  9. G

    Couple Tip Menu Help?

    hi there! me and my boyfriend did our first cam on chaturbate tonight for 2 hours, and it was so much fun! we ended up making a little over 700 tokens which i was super happy about. however we had done a goal show but it...did not turn out the way either of us thought it would. we were trying to...
  10. P

    UK Models.. Anyone get a mortgage as a self-employed Cam Girl?

    So I'm quite a new cam girl and I was just wondering if any girls who have been through this situation who could give me some advice. So I really want to buy my first house in around 2 years. So my regular 9-5 job I earn 20k a year. I have started the camming on the side (On CB), and as i'm...
  11. AutumnNoelle

    New and Unsure What I'm doing!

    Hi! So I joined the cam modeling scene a couple weeks ago and I honestly have no idea what I'm doing! I've done a lot of research regarding lighting, cameras, space, etc. Before this I started doing modeling in general so showing myself on camera is no issue, I'm perfectly fine showing my nude...
  12. AshRaindrop

    Some Non-Sexual activities I do on cam~ if it helps you!

    So, I show a lot on cam but basically I'm very non-nude and known for my personality and girlnextdoor vibes. I like doing things that arent just flashing my ass and oiling my tits most of the time 😂 -blow bubbles -blow up balloons and POP -chew gum -do my makeup -ticket game 25tkns each...
  13. AshRaindrop

    Any tips on looking great on camera?! ~amateur model

    I get great feedback, my guys are great, they gas me up, etc...I'm just wondering if you have any tips to get more confident on cam or while making content? Tricks, angles, editing, a girl out 😂 I have an hd webcam, fast wifi, ringlight, etc.
  14. Skirmante696

    Custom Clips

    Love this forum so far I must say! I was wanted to ask how does everyone go about pricing their custom clips? I have read some models do $10 a min and I have read some charge much less or more. I am afraid If I charge low to begin with I will set a trend for under priced customs. If anyone can...
  15. A

    A few questions...

    Hello, So I want to keep this short and as anonymous as I possibly can without backstory of why I am trying to be a cam model. I am trying to get into camming as an asexual virgin. I REALLY do not like being naked, that being said, I know that I have to obviously. I have never masturbated...
  16. Capryce

    Taking good pictures of yourself

    Hi ladies, I was thinking about starting to sell pictures but I could need some advices... so far all I've been doing are personalized pictures or just basic selfies, so far it's easy to do. Now I'd like to create galleries and themed pictures to sell, but the problem is that I have nobody to...
  17. J

    Question about your workplace finding out.

    Hey everyone, Alright so for starters, I cammed for a few weeks in the past and I absolutely loved everything about it. I felt incredibly empowered and I want to start doing it again. However I got a job in a new city and I am a little worried as to what would happen if they found out. I am an...
  18. CamillaaCoxx

    Sweetheart Persona

    Hey everyone! So, I kinda just need some advice from anyone who’s willing to help. I prefer to be a sweetheart to people. It’s how I am and how I’ve always been described (irl and in guest chats while camming) and I’m wondering if there’s a way I could play that up to make more money. Like...
  19. ShyCollegeSlut

    How many weeks does it take to establish a "regular" fan base?

    I just came back after a long hiatus (several months) and I have almost 60k followers on Chaturbate. I have a few "regs" who haven't forgotten me and check in sometimes, but lately my cam room has been very quiet and tips are slow and mostly non-existent. I'm only on day 4 of a regular cam...
  20. lunaxgriffin

    Empty and Silent Room

    Okay so I'm originally an MFC girl, but that cam score man. And the lack of inclusivity man. Sooooo I decided to try out Chaturbate, BUT DAMN. We have a couples account and even when I'm on with my partner and we have like 30-100 people in our room NO ONE TALKS. Like they literally say nothing...