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  1. CamillaaCoxx

    Sweetheart Persona

    Hey everyone! So, I kinda just need some advice from anyone who’s willing to help. I prefer to be a sweetheart to people. It’s how I am and how I’ve always been described (irl and in guest chats while camming) and I’m wondering if there’s a way I could play that up to make more money. Like...
  2. ShyCollegeSlut

    How many weeks does it take to establish a "regular" fan base?

    I just came back after a long hiatus (several months) and I have almost 60k followers on Chaturbate. I have a few "regs" who haven't forgotten me and check in sometimes, but lately my cam room has been very quiet and tips are slow and mostly non-existent. I'm only on day 4 of a regular cam...
  3. lunaxgriffin

    Empty and Silent Room

    Okay so I'm originally an MFC girl, but that cam score man. And the lack of inclusivity man. Sooooo I decided to try out Chaturbate, BUT DAMN. We have a couples account and even when I'm on with my partner and we have like 30-100 people in our room NO ONE TALKS. Like they literally say nothing...
  4. SimplicityOfEmily

    Managing a partner/model's content.

    Hey everyone, question. What do people do in situations where two people are involved in a 50/50 partnership? One person cams and is the model, and the other: shoots professional photo and video, creates and manges websites and social media (even some communication with fans, like an intern...
  5. zippypinhead

    A paid webhost that allows adult content?

    Are there any webhosts out there that I can use to build a personal website containing pinups and adult comics. Looking around, it's hard to get a straight answer about how "adult" the content can be through big hosts like Wix or Squarespace. I figured here would be a good place to ask, since so...
  6. BadgirlIvy

    Best time to broadcast?

    Wanting some input on what time you guys all find to be the busiest times on Chaturbate and MFC? Still trying to work out a schedule thats right for me, all I know is these all nighters are killing me! I live in US central standard time zone btw.
  7. AngelicEvie

    Tonight's the night!

    I am gonna do my first show tonight (eep!). I am nervous but also I am excited. I was wondering what are the top 3 tips/advice you have for the first show. I have read and researched for a few months and I think I have the basics down but last minute advice is always welcomed! Thanks lovelies!
  8. S

    Worried about my past cam shows being leaked

    Hi I did some camming a few years ago for about one year. I only ever did ONE public show on a mainstream cam site but I decided it wasn't for me because I didn't like that I was being watched by many people at the same time. So I found MyGirlFund which I liked because I could arrange cam...
  9. Lilah_Marquise

    Getting paid for skype

    Okay so I got asked to do a skype show recently, but didn't have anything set up for it, so he wants to schedule something in the future. Says streamate has been freezing for him too much. (Might just be an excuse but whatever). I'm open to it, but still figuring out the best way to get paid...
  10. Lilah_Marquise

    Constructive Criticism for a Chaturbate Newbie?

    So I've just started camming on Chaturbate and am struggling. I've done 4 shows, made a grand total of 69 (lol) tokens, and can only get around 10 guys on at a time, most of them either grey or unregistered. I don't expect to make much money or get thousands of followers right from the start...
  11. PrincessLacy

    How long does it take for things to... not suck?

    Hey everyone! I'm very new to camming; today is my 10th day on Chaturbate. I've been modeling for photos and videos for over a year, but only recently decided to get into live camming as well, and for the most part, it's been enjoyable. However, I'm starting to get really concerned about how...
  12. Nai Hope

    MacBook or IMac?

    Hi I need advice please on what is best I am looking in to purchasing a MacBook or IMac for Cam work what is best though? I tend to Cam in one room so I don’t move around in other rooms so I don’t need something where I can move around rooms or go to hotels etc. Thank u in advance
  13. The-devils-candy

    Chaturbate Laptop Requirements?

    Does anyone use CB on a Chromebook or Mac Pro? I also have the option of a HP Pavilion 360. Or what's your suggestion for a laptop? Mine kicked the bucket (aka my husband dropped it... ) and I'm on a bit of a budget for a replacement! The Chromebook is the cheapest option but I want something...
  14. ShyCollegeSlut

    Downsizing, looking for advice from models/members

    I currently have accounts on over 20 cam/clip/sexwork related sites. Clearly I have my eggs is far to many baskets to keep everything updated on a regular basis. As ya'll know this industry is forever changing, and some sites are great, and then they slow down, sometimes they completely fuck...
  15. R

    BBW Camming Tips?

    I know, I know. There are plenty of people that like BBW. But I can't help but feel like I can't get away with things that other girls can. I'm constantly trying to position myself to seem more appealing, never slouching, sucking my belly in a little, basically just having a hard time relaxing...
  16. Amanda Neumann

    community goals on my tip menu??

    I am on chaturbate and to go up the top page you need more views (that's not including the recommended with viewers), and building a fan-base does make this so much easier. I also added a section for events/sales and raffles to make things easier to find instead of separate images. So what I did...
  17. C

    Get a Cam Girl Banned or Move On

    I’ve pretty much have made up my mind but was just curious on your thoughts. A couple months ago my 1yr “relationship” ended with a cammodel. I spent pretty much everyday with her and thought we had a wonderful “mutual relationship” till shit got crazy. Basically I got the “sob story” of how her...
  18. K

    Beginner needing advice:)

    Hi guys, first time posting so I apologise if it's not in the correct place. I hope to start camming in September when I move out for university for extra financial support. I hope to work in government one day, hopefully the civil service, and if not this then in journalism. I know having...
  19. Vivi Plush

    Tips on selling used panties??

    I've never done this before but I thought it'd be a good way to make some extra cash. Does anyone have tips on how to get started or how exactly this could work?? I know there's like ManyVids, but I kinda don't do videos anymore and I think you have to have videos to use that site. I'm currently...
  20. M

    Buying Fake Cum?

    I don't know how else to word the title, I'm sorry! I am looking for a good brand with decent priced "fake semen" for certain acts in private shows that has been requested a lot by my members. I would use lotion or something, but it's not very convincing or realistic and I really don't want to...