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advice please

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  1. MelanieGrimm


    Hello to all! I recently discovered through a submissive, or a cashpig, asking me to be in a findom relationship that there was such a thing. Since then I have been really looking into it, and am very intrigued! I've always been more submissive, though I do have a dominant side in me I've never...
  2. T

    Advice! (for a specific situation)

    Hi guys! I wanted to come here to ask for some advice! My economic situation is not too great, so I wanted to know what things I could do to make a good show and to earn some extra cash with my current resources. I'd like you to tell me sites where I could work at, social media I should handle...
  3. K

    Selling dm?

    Hey guys! New camgirl here! In fact I haven't started yet I'm only active on snapchat and other social media for now. Today someone asked to buy direct (I suppose he means messaging right? lol). I'm new to this and I haven't sold content or anything before so I don't know what price I should...
  4. Vivi Plush

    Tips on selling used panties??

    I've never done this before but I thought it'd be a good way to make some extra cash. Does anyone have tips on how to get started or how exactly this could work?? I know there's like ManyVids, but I kinda don't do videos anymore and I think you have to have videos to use that site. I'm currently...
  5. tinymartianslut

    Help make my ManyVids "Fund Me" Interesting

    So... no one wants to tip to my Fund Me section on ManyVids. I've entered the level of desperation. I have $0 in there. Not certain why. The desired item is an amazing dildo. It'll make my videos awesome. I made the incentive the other day a free nude fan sign to everyone who tips $5. Yeah...
  6. tinymartianslut

    Sleepy as heck---wake-up suggestions?

    I tend to get drowsy a lot. Even if I get enough Zzzs. The issue is, I don't drink soda. Period. (And won't) I drink a lot of black tea, though. And I've started on sugarless coffee (ick) and keep energy snacks nearby, but it's not really doing the trick. I'm not sure what to do. I keep drifting...
  7. Melodiesanddesires

    Naked, thought I won their daily contest!

    Hey, back in the day I'd cam a ton on Naked . com I was on one night back when they were 1000 $ giveaways for the top 5 earners every 12 hrs. I was making mad money this one night, I wa at like 14 then climbing up to like 5...I was doing pvt after pvt with spies n all 140+ an hour. I knew I...
  8. Heavenleigh83

    Should I change my screen name?

    hey y'all! So I recently became a cam girl like 2-3 months ago and my name on the few sites i use is heavenleigh83. I feel i made a mistake with the numbers in my name and have found a new name that I actually like a lot. Thing is I dont know if thats a bad move business wise? My boyfriend...
  9. IntravenousFlytrap

    Having Trouble With Webcams, please help!

    I have a c290 and c615 Logitech webcam and they have literally stopped working for no apparent reason. I had Windows 10 ibut switched over to Linux to try and get my wibcam to work, and sometimes a streaming cam site will detect it, but it ill almost immediately freeze and malfunction. This...
  10. K

    Advice please! Scam or no?

    I was hoping to get some help/advice determining if this is fraud or legitimate. This will be my first go at this so I have no idea what I'm doing quite yet. Here is our conversation. I agreed to film with her for $100 per show. She told me I needed to buy a name in order to move forward...
  11. H

    Advice for a new model

    Hi all, There's a new model who's just started on Chaturbate and I was wondering if anyone has any links that could help her improve her show and gain more followers. I've seen some good articles already, but more the merrier. Thanks.
  12. Jesse Angel

    12 Hour Broadcast? Thoughts?

    I'm thinking about having a 12 hour broadcast on MyFreeCams in the near future (Most likely early November) and depending on how that goes, I'd want to potentially attempt an even longer broadcast. I'm not sure if MFC has restrictions on how long you can be online for, but if nothing were to...
  13. T

    I am new member and need advice om camming

    Hi - I am new here and to camming. I have never done c2c and I have to say whilst it is an exciting prospect also scary. Did people feel OK after the first time, it seems a big thing to do, or perhaps it is because I am shy. When I have mentioned this camgirls say I am not shy..but I am. The...
  14. 5

    Banned from MFC without any warning

    I know that there are already a few other threads like this, so I will be brief. I woke up on Sunday and was getting ready, logged into MFC and chatted with a few people, nothing major. Went to shower, came back and opened a new tab for MFC again, and I get a window that says that my account...
  15. Pierced

    Hey, I'm somewhat new to Chaturbate and needing some advice!

    Hi, I've only been on Chaturbate for about 3 weeks, however I've been on pornhub and other sites before, so I know how some of the viewers/fans can be. Just yesterday a fan purchased four things from my Amazon wishlist. Don't get me wrong, I am incredibly grateful. They spent a total of...
  16. DezDemancy

    Bad Quality Cam, or Less HD Cam?

    So I have a HD logitech pro, but no actual computer of my own since mine died the day after my first show (*laughcry*). My partner has a computer that can't handle streaming HD, also my best friend says I can use her macbook but only when she's at work. Or I could do both? Do you think it's...