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Support For Ukraine

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Sep 20, 2021
The people of Ukraine urgently need our help right now, and together we can take action during this crisis. Along with our influencers and fans, we will raise and donate the resources needed to make a real impact for the people of Ukraine. We are looking forward to working together to bring peace to this tragic situation.

You can support the people of Ukraine in a meaningful way. Donate today. We are starting the fund with $10,000 and


All donations will be given to the International

Ukraine Humanitarian Fund
to help bring humanitarian relief to Ukraine. Every single donation counts. We are all stronger together.

It’s time to help the people in Ukraine, and we need your help to do it. We can’t do it without you. Together we will make a difference.

Here Are Easy Ways You Can Help RIGHT NOW:
Join the Support for Ukraine campaign.
Get your direct donation link and promote the campaign on Social Media.
Offer your fans incentives for their donations.
Donate a % of your income.


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" Offer your fans incentives for their donations. "

Neah. People should donate only if they want and ONLY if they want to help that cause not for getting free things from us, models.

Exactly. A donation should be just that...the person having a genuine interest in helping the model with a contribution. Not burdening her with some custom video request, or hounding her to send some videos.
Mar 6, 2022
On Fancentro's site they say they will forward all donations to the Red Cross while the OP here says they will go to the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund. So which organisation is it?

And the above replies are spot on.
Hey guys, been a while.

So I'm from Ukraine and I strongly recommend anyone who wants to donate to use either legit resources, like Ukrainian army account or official Red Cross contacts (or any other legit option, super easy to google), or send directly to certain local volunteers, if you know anyone personally or through trusted people, whom you also know personally.

There are too many scums all over now, even people dealing with humanitarian packages, even local people, trying to make money on war (of course, most of the people here are fighting, but there are always some people like that).
I'm not saying the thread creator is not legit, if anything, I didn't check.
Just please triple check everything before sending money or spreading the contacts for donations.

And I definitely agree that donations are donations, must come from the heart, not from the idea of saving a coin on a video or a tip request, duh. Like killing two rabbits with one shot, come on.
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