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ticket number is #23475319 new model status

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Sep 8, 2023
Hello @punker barbie I am very disappointed with the new tag, I am based in the UK and having business type broadband with 40 mbps upload, wired, and MacBook m2max, dslr as a webcam. I have the new tag and apart of the very first time when I logged online after 30 minutes of having 3-5 people I was just very lucky to have a customer from Netherlands and had a long private. Apart of that, every time I went online the next 2 days whilst on new tag I had no traffic whatsoever, I have tried even vpn, showing the UK flag, made sure I had the hashtags at all times, tried in browser and OBS as well and triple checked if I am visible. I gave up and haven't used anymore the remaining new tag days. I am a seasoned cam model on another platform and earn good there and I was hoping I can start on your platform and get a community there, but it left me with a sour taste. I have contacted the support to enable me in full hd because every time I was online (I understood that via browser is capped at 720p) via OBS I was capped at 720p when I am actually able to stream lag free in full HD even 60 fps or 4K, but support has refused to help and gave me a generic response, the same with me asking in another email regarding the traffic for new tag, another generic response. I have a sex machine and I was using it, everything you can think of in terms of being explicit to gain visibility I was doing during my attempts on your platform. I thought with a new tag I can have a good chance. Is anything @punker barbie can do to restart the new tag, review what has happened? I see many new models having lot of members in their rooms, I see no reason why I had no traffic. Many thanks in advance! I Think ticket number is #23475319