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unable to cash out tokens

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Dec 3, 2021
Hello, Chaturbate representatives @punker barbie ! My nickname: teasestudio /nothern___lights
Request # 18666956 /18666897

I hope u will recommend me something too
we are having a really confused and hard thing there and having no reply, it's gone 6 days
since we started to have this option (unable to cash out tokens)
we are a studio and having 10+ people connected to it and they all have never been involved in any banned actions
6 days ago our friend (not even a model that connected to our studio) sent us money that possibly were stolen with another member, who paid
her for messenger and nudes

she always sending us cash and we helping her to withdraw her money but this time
after she sent us those 2000 tokens, all our cash have been frozen
cash of all models that havent been connected to this situation too.
we have no reply and no explanations about whats going on
some girls are even crying..coz they pretend on their honestly earned tokens

what can we expect in this situation?
what can u recommend?

With best regards..
we are really looking forward to any answer
and on yr support @punker barbie
our nicknames are
teasestudio (an account whom been sent those hell 2000tks) request 18666956
demon_Asmodeus (our permament model that having troubles with cash because of this) 18672958
nothern___lights (the girl who sent us possibly stolen cash and didnt even realise this) request 18666897
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