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Use short Chaturbate tracking links for actionable insights!

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Jun 7, 2020
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Hi everyone, đź‘‹đź‘‹ - I posted another blog post over at CB Explorer:

TL;DR - don't fly blind, use CB Cam Insights link tracking to get a short, memorable link to your room that also gives you insights about your viewers!

Use short tracking links for actionable insights!

Chaturbate room links are quite long and cumbersome to handle - essentially nobody will type these up, they are just meant to be clicked. Because of that they can greatly benefit from URL shortening, creating a short, memorable link for your room that you can share with your viewers.

Many broadcasters on Chaturbate rely on either word of mouth, popularity or hashtags for viewers to find them and join their room on Chaturbate - but that leaves you entirely dependent on Chaturbate's algorithm to show your room to interested viewers.

On the other hand you can (and should) advertise your broadcast on Twitter or other social media sites or link to it from a linking site (AllMyLinks, linktree, Magic Ly and others). This gives you other venues for viewers to find you and get tippers and potentially long-term fans to your room - but you will have no idea where your viewers are actually coming from since Chaturbate doesn't share this data with you. Using a tracking link can give you this information.

CB Cam Insights tracking links solve both of these issues for Chaturbate performers. CB Cam Insights room links are very short using the domain + your room name and can also be configured to use your affiliate room link if you are using one. Basically you get link-shortening like Bitly but with better tracking for Chaturbate performers! On top of that all previews (e.g. when using your link on Twitter) remain working as your link just redirects to Chaturbate behind the scenes, and the redirect is very fast (~100ms).

More in the article!

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