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Very low traffic on CB w almost no gains / minimum hours?

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Nov 30, 2021

I'm a faceless model in CB and I would like to ask for some advice. I see many faceless models with decent traffic/gains but I can't find out why it does not happen to me.

I use to start dancing wearing bra and panties, and take it off if someone tips a certain amount from my tip menu/reach goal, but my room is always so empty with around 5~6 viewers and almost zero earnings most of the days, it's really frustrating. There was only a day I cammed for 5 hours and earned 1388tk, it's not very much of a thing although it was by far my biggest gain...

I can't understand why this happens, I stream with good quality... Maybe because I'm a solo model located elsewhere from USA/Europe?

Do I need to cam for minimum hours to be featured? I always see people who are camming for +4 hours at least on the front page.
What do faceless models have to do to get decent traffic/earnings?

I'm really trying to pay the bills as fast as I can :cry:
Well aside from the obvious (not showing your face) .. consistency is definitely a key component. Letting your voice be heard would also be helpful rather than just typing if you are not already doing that.

You can also try using #tags although I don't use them personally I think they are annoying and look gross but with minimal viewers it may help generate a few new ones.

When you are a new model it is important to utilize your "NEW" tag and stream as often as you can while it is still available to help with your initial start up.
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