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what do you know about remote operators?

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Jan 30, 2023
a model tells me her studio is going to use a remote operator. Supposedly he helps them make a lot more money. I dont really know what this means. I know I have been in rooms where you say hello to the model and you see a post under the models name saying hello back and you can clearly see the model was no where near a keyboard. It is very offputting. I assume a remote operator would keep the model from spending too much time in conversation, would mod and keep things moving, would set the goals, would answer pms with questions about what is done in private and things like this. But I dont see how they can supposedly triple revenue. The models fans will lose the personal connection they have built up with the model. And will the remote operator be in the privates? Talk about off putting.

What do you know about this? and does it work?
I am no expert, but I think you have a good grasp of how it will be (how it is for many studio models). Do not forget that private shows are not guaranteed to be entirely private anyway, the site could be watching at any time, and likewise the studio.

As for the usefulness of a "remote operator", I can see it being useful if the model does not have a good graso of English (if the room is an English language room) or is they are new and inexperienced. I could also see it as being a useful coaching and training tool for studios that actually do such things with their models.
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