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Which are best for this niche?

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Jan 31, 2023
SO, I just found out about the existence of exclusively premium sites like IsLive, VideoChatSex, and CamContacts. Does anybody have experience with these? Which of these are best? Camcontacts kinda looks like a Skype based thing, though I'm not sure if I'm reading it wrong. Are there any other exclusively private sites? I worry that these all suck and are old and dead lol. Doing my own research I haven't come up with many results. If all of these are just really bad, what would be the next closest, would it be more along the lines of sites like or would it be more like Xmodels/adultwork/imlive? I'm looking for a site to work on that doesn't even give access to people who don't go in as whales. I'm looking for the most direct route to pay with no or limited free chat.. but I'd start at NO free chat and work my way down until I hit something actually profitable since these sites seem all outdated and inactive
Did someone delete a reply here?? I just finished typing up a response to their response and... it's gone. Maybe I'm thinking of thr wrong forum but I checked them all

I usually start typing responses ro long responses on a Google doc so im actually contributing to the feedback cause I feel bad giving short responses to long ones
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