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Hi, my name is Michael and I just created Dallas Cam Girls ( I've been in the IT industry for 25 years and with my experience and my business partners money we just opened our first webcam site. Everything is fully functioning and approved by our Credit Card Processor CCBill. Now I'm trying to figure out which came first the chicken or the egg? I can't get girls to stream because there's no traffic and I can't get traffic because there's no Girls streaming. Any Suggestions???
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Seriously, Phuck Texas. :mad:
Hello! I am known as Winter_Raine. I have been with Chaturbate officially (working regularly) for about a month and I started CAM4 about a week ago. I can guarantee that you will all probably get sick of me because I am really needy! haha.... not really ... but I am sure (especially with CAM4) I am going to have A LOT of questions (we will see after my one on one tomorrow)! Great day all!!!
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Hello all! I am Sierra and I have been camming with SM since the end of July. Obviously, my new status has ended so, I'm wondering to get on the top pages is it based on money earned or time streaming? I feel like my room has dropped lately and when I first started it was popping!!

I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I could not see a definitive answer in the posts.

Thanks so much for your input!~

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Hey everyone!

I signed up to MFC as a model at the start of the week and have been lurking around here for a few days :) My MFC name is the same as this one but not much interesting going on my profile at the minute (did spend ages editing it and answering all the sections but I must of forgotten to save). Anyway I just wanted to make myself known to everyone and thank you for all the information available on here it really has been a big help :h:
So far I feel I've done okay for a average (at best lol) looking lass but about half of my tips have come from one person so I'm sure that'll slow down soon. I've had some great chats with some really nice people and am really enjoying myself so far... Did have one "Troll" who took a dislike to the fact I am not completely hairless down there (funnily spent a good chunk of time in my room for someone who found me so "dirty") but I'm thick skinned and I ain't about to get upset over it... Otherwise its been a great experience and at the times the room has been quiet its been encouraging to know it happens to most of you from time to time and its not just because i'm gross or something, think i'd of given it up as a bad job if not! Haha.

Hope you all have a fantastic day and best of luck with any Camming you're doing today :h:
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Hi folks! I'm a 7-year veteran of webcam and phone sex. Not a veteran of teh military, but a veteran of those creative industries. I'm a comedic type chic, findom, black goddess, trans domme, gentle domme, and a pre-MILF lol, in my early 30's. It's great to not be limited as some ''vanillas'' are, and be self-employed like this.
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Mmmmm, I am a model who likes to have some good time doing naughty private shows, just so you know I am a sex-addict! ^_^
I came here for some help with my work on webcam sites... and I think I came to the right place, because there are tons of advices of all kinds.
Very happy to be here ^^
Call me Nanao
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Hello all. I have followed this site for a number of years and while it may sound trite, I’ve always appreciated the insights provided here. I look forward to reading more and hopefully being a solid member of the community.
You heard me. Introduce yourself!

The best posts in an introduction thread include more than just your name, so give us a little more if you're feeling up to it. ;)

If you're a CB or MFC member or model with specific support questions, please see this section - Unofficial Support - and post your inquiries there.

If you're an active cam model looking for verification, info/instructions are here - Model Verification Requests - but please remember you won't be able to post your verification until you've been signed up at ACF for a period of time, and after you've made a good handful of thread posts. So get active! :)

JUST A REMINDER: "Hi" and "yes" are not introductions. Posts made in that fashion will be deleted. Try again. :)
My name is MsSkin I have been Camming for over 11 years. I’m on multiple platforms. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!!
Hi folks! I'm a 7-year veteran of webcam and phone sex. Not a veteran of teh military, but a veteran of those creative industries. I'm a comedic type chic, findom, black goddess, trans domme, gentle domme, and a pre-MILF lol, in my early 30's. It's great to not be limited as some ''vanillas'' are, and be self-employed like this.
I love that you said per-MILF, that's good - I'm a real MILF, pre is probably better! LOL
Hi everyone; My name is Georgeo and my nickname in Cb is Onfirebigman

A year ago I started broadcasting on CB, although I knew about the existence of ACF, there was no need to expand my knowledge of the mechanics of the platform in any other way than from the platform itself, perhaps in this way of immersing myself in the Web-cam experience it is not suitable for everyone, in fact: I do not recommend diving into a wreck without a navigation chart. My kamikaze stage is over and I am very happy to be here, on dry land, ready to hear your advice based on experience. A big greeting to all the members of the team and the entire ACF community.


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I'm a junior Web developer and I'm here for the community of sexy girls
Hello Junior, my Stripchat studio account was been suspended forever (blocked), Tinahenk is my studio name, I am new here I don't know how I can get help.Tokens have been taken.I have stress because my models are confused and sad.I really don't want them to feel like this.
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Hey so I am a member of stripchat, have been for almost a year. I have my favorite models on there, have met some really amazing people through the site. I have had a few concerns over the last few days, and have been reading through some of the posts. I like gaming on consoles, not really into PC gaming, and watching a lot of show on streaming services.
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My name is Kyle. I am studying to be a doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation. When I originally took the MCAT, I was just shy of the cutoff score. I am currently working as a behavior technician at an Autism Center while studying to retake the test to get into medical the next cycle. I am also working on a masters degree in applied kinesiology and physiology. In my spare time which is rather little, I enjoy songwriting which I have done for the oast ten years and am very close to 100 songs.
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Im derek, looking to get some insight on sreaming, and information from other people. while also making connections. I like to play video games, and watch anime, looking forward to talking with you all
Hi all 👋

I'm Clem, CEO at, a new cam platform giving you full control over your channel since you earn 80% revshare + 10% for all your referrals. We also do a LOT of ad buys to drive traffic to your chatroom, and we do a lot to make your streaming experience easier, more exciting, and more empowering.

I've been in the industry for more than 22 years now. I also own, a production powerhouse and, an ad management SaaS platform. I started back in 1999 with my partner and brother Thomas. We still work together, he's the mastermind and tech behind all of the products that we operate.

I'm looking forward to meeting all of you, and answer any questions you have! ❤️