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Why do we always wait to play catch up?

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Aug 14, 2011
In today's news:

U.S. rules are about to radically change for operators of unmanned aerial vehicles, aka drones: People will have to register them, federal officials said.

The Department of Transportation took the first step Monday, by announcing formation of a task force to create a registration process. Registration could begin as soon as the holiday season, DOT officials said Monday at a Washington news conference.(source CNN)

This need for regulation now is in answer to the growing problem of the irresponsible private use of UAV's. The general consensus is, that this decision to regulate UAV's is late in arriving, and that this same move to require registration would have been best made a year ago, or even three.

It is not as if this thing crept up on us and no one saw it coming. I posted here in July of 2012 about the prediction of there being 30,000 UAV over the U.S. by 2020. I think that has turned out to be an over conservative prediction, but still we knew it was coming. And, it wasn't some obscure term paper released by a couple statisticians at Pen State or something, - it was, in fact the FAA who predicted this wave of drones more than 3 years ago.

So why does it almost always seem we are playing catch up on these things? Must we always wait until something has become a problem before acting on it? By doing so we occur greater cost, use more resources, and inevitably have to rush legislation through that can not help but be incomplete and full of bugs that better thought out legislation might avoid.

A final thought is that it may only seem we always wait until something is a problem, because foreseeable problems that we are wise enough to plan for in a timely manner, never become problems, and therefor never come across our field of view. (Something we failed to do on this ^^^^^^^ one!).


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Jul 6, 2011
We still can't get any regulations on guns though.

We have close to 300 regulations on guns now at the Federal level and each state has hundreds of their own. Every single bad thing imaginable that can be done with a gun has a regulation already in existence against doing so. Most things have multiple regulations.
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