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Working with Other Models - Advice?

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Jun 28, 2016
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I have shot pictures causally with a friend before, but never really worked with another model before! I feel very open and comfortable doing so, but I wanted to get some advice on what's the best etiquette for some things, and what to expect. I guess I'm mainly unsure about the content that would be shot- do we shoot and then just edit what we have separately and post? I feel like I know what to expect but also don't! So I'm open to any advice or experiences anyone is willing to share.

Here are some things we've already discussed:

-Testing (STI/STD and COVID)
-Transportation and lodging

Huge thanks in advance for any advice anyone has to share! I really appreciate any insight.


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Apr 10, 2011
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Personally, I have a checklist.

Consent, 2257, release forms, discuss content type, discuss expectations, discuss goals for this collaboration, negotiate who gets what, discuss ground rules and limitations, consent again, begin filming, distribution.

It’s a lot, but it keeps me legal and my ass double covered. I once had someone claim my spouse and I pushed them sexually, after we discussed consent multiple times beforehand and then agreed mutually they would NOT participate in our private session, only for them to say yes enthusiastically multiple times and then turn around later after NOT participating and besmirch what actually happened privately between my spouse, other friend, and I that they observed and did not participate in at all.

It is CRUCIAL to obtain consent for each action you are planning to film. Get that consent on paper or video. Set up your consent negotiations in a neutral manner so that all discussions as tied up with a bow nicely if possible. Get those hard limits from all involved parties written down so that if any questions arise, you can easily say “NOPE, we did NOT do that and here’s the proof of our negotiations and what went on”.

Collaborating in this industry can be tricky, but more importantly it can lead to serious problems if done wrong. It’s why I am so thorough with my consent checklists because of how my consent was violated during that private session.

Nobody wants to be the bad guy or the enforcer on set, and we all want to have fun on camera, so lots of clear communication before, during, and after makes it possible to film and have tons of profitable fun.

Consent and trade notes: you can film one shot and you each keep the same footage to be edited on your own, you film one shot and one person edits but you both sell the same edit, you film unique scenes for each performer and everyone gets their own, you film unique scenes for each performer that creates a whole production when clients buy from each of you to complete a full length film, you pay them to keep and sell all the content you create together, they pay you to keep and sell all the content you create together, they film and sell it and you get a cut of the profits, you film and sell it and they get a cut of the profits....

There are many ways to split the content. Negotiation to figure out what will work best for your situation is a must.

Oof, I’m tired and didn’t sp check. Hope that all makes sense!
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