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  1. Astrid_squirts420

    Wary about camming

    If you search "DMCA" on here you will find a lot of great info regarding privacy. But the bottom line is that you should not do this if you cannot afford the risk of someone/anyone possibly finding out.
  2. Astrid_squirts420

    How do you build a Twitter following for cam work?

    Can you tell me your twitter name?
  3. Astrid_squirts420

    How do you build a Twitter following for cam work?

    If you follow me on Twitter @astrid4202 I can add you! It's an awesome, very low key group. 😊
  4. Astrid_squirts420

    Major OBS issues out of nowhere- can someone help?

    I use an iMac and I have google chrome downloaded on it with the lovense extension. I have been using it for 6 months this way. It definitely works. Not just for a PC. Just google "how to download chrome for mac" and get that set up first. Then google the directions for "lovense chrome...
  5. Astrid_squirts420

    Major OBS issues out of nowhere- can someone help?

    You can just download google chrome onto your mac and use the lovense extension thru the chrome browser. So much better than the lovense browser!!! (You also have to download lovense connect directly to your computer and connect the toy to that as well of course)
  6. Astrid_squirts420

    People coming and going

    Sometimes they can hit "auto scan" or something similar- it pops them from room to room, only staying in each for a few seconds then moving on. So they may be using that feature and just happen across your room several times
  7. Astrid_squirts420

    Chaturbate "Pro" Tips -- What are your's?

    With my minimal experience I'm not sure I can consider these "pro" tips, but I'll throw it out there anyway!! -Have a prepped short list of conversation topics for when the room gets boring. One thing I do is basically "pretend" I'm doing more of a podcast or radio show so I don't feel weird...
  8. Astrid_squirts420

    So after getting nowhere with CB, I am going to try out MFC.

    ☝️☝️☝️ Couldn't agree more.
  9. Astrid_squirts420


    Whenever I get bored with my music or just want something different I go to Spotify and type in the search bar whatever "mood" I am looking for: example "chill out". Then I scroll down to the playlist section and search through that until either a cover photo stands out, or the name of the...
  10. Astrid_squirts420

    Warnings from admin

    @punker barbie may be able to help
  11. Astrid_squirts420

    Lost my wallet and phone... can't cash out tokens with out 2 step

    Yes I remember that when you set up the 2 step it has you copy a list of codes. I emailed it to myself and my husband and downloaded a copy. (I also think what Kingmarti said about using a backup or cheap old phone to have authentication on is an awesome idea. Doesnt help you now but great for...
  12. Astrid_squirts420

    Cam customer question about private sessions

    Yes. We are aware. We (models) do this every day and are very aware of how long the lag is. Still not reason enough for me to type my answers! That is very distracting and sometimes impossible, if I am using my hands for other things or if they are covered in oil or something. I do many...
  13. Astrid_squirts420

    Cam customer question about private sessions

    Honestly I would not want to type out all of my answers. I really hate fidgeting with the keyboard during any sort of live performance- in public or private either way. Most models have learned after doing this for a while, to place the way that they speak so that the members can keep up with...
  14. Astrid_squirts420

    showing face on cam

    Chaturbate must allow this to some degree as many probably know the model "LetsRockThisPuss" who is very successful and never shows face on cam.