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  1. Bking


    Thank you for your reply. The username in conse is Lady_mattie
  2. Bking


    I tried uploading an ID for an additional broadcaster who appeared on Cam. Unsuccessfully. Says User already approved on the account. Seems confusing to me as is a different user from the original. @punker_barbie would you be kind enough to look into this? Support Ticket: 18802536
  3. Bking

    Banned on chaturbate

    I totally understand your frustrations being banned for apparently no reason. But go slow with your Demands. They still reserve the right to have you on their site. Or Don't they?
  4. Bking

    Help me please with filling payout information.

    You should use the same Names for the person for person verified for the account(PAYEE). I assume one of you guys, assuming you both have verified on the account. Bitcoin is not necessarily linked to a name.
  5. Bking

    flooded with tokens - banned

    Wow. This is absolutely prosperous. Why would? Do they go ahead to punish you with an activity you tried to raise to them? @punker_barbie Can you educate us what a model ought to do in such a situation? She did the needful but still got banned.
  6. Bking

    Is Chaturbate On A Ban. Spree??

    I beg to differ here. Waiting on normal situations changes nothing. I would be correct to picture Punker Barbie as a sweeper who collects Important documents from the bin and back to the desk. Documents that would otherwise have been lost. Waiting gets you an Automated reply. Tagging Punker...
  7. Bking

    Is Chaturbate On A Ban. Spree??

    Wow. Am so glad to hear this. Its Now time. To move and forget. Go where you are wanted.
  8. Bking

    Punker Barbie sure is BUSY!

    Pooperscooper. Lol!
  9. Bking

    Is there any payment method I can use here in Kenya apart from Bitcoin?

    The Only Payment options that seem to be working for us, Kenya is Bitcoin and Skrill. Others remain either sketchy or hard to use. Or did you find any other?
  10. Bking

    Is Chaturbate On A Ban. Spree??

    Different Forum groups here are in discussion of diverse Agendas. Ways to improve cam quality and many helpful stuff. Chaturbate on the other hand has every member Pleading for a Restoration of their accounts. Helps Me Wonder, Is Chaturbate on a BAN Spree, or has Ambercutie become the best...
  11. Bking

    Age Verification Denied - Requires a Passport

    Hey @punker barbie My account Name is nina_claudia I recently tried to verify an account for one of our Models in the studio. The Process failed and prompted for a Passport. we dont have access to a passport for Now. Would chaturbate be kind enough to consider ID? I have raised a ticket...
  12. Bking

    Changing Main account To Studio Account

    Hey @punker barbie Am following up on Support Ticket [Chaturbate] 18497974 I would wish to change the main account to a studio sub-account. I already verified ownership with Chaturbate. Kindly help resolve this. Thank you in advance.
  13. Bking

    Account Verification issue - Age Verification Confusion

    Hey @punker barbie I noticed My account, Camila_Clair says Verified at the same time provides an error besides the submitted documents. Am confused if to follow the Prompts Now that the account says verified. I see this as a glitch. I have raised the concern with chaturbate under ticket...
  14. Bking

    Account banned for ever?

    Hopefully you get assisted. I always see such mistakes happening. But keep your hopes high. There is a chance they will reopen your account if you proof you havent gone against their TOS. Make a point of resubmitting your documents. All the Best!