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  1. Danigirl

    Feeling Shamed for being a Cam Model

    Religion is the biggest evil. It allows for judgements to be made holy instead of compassion and understanding. I grew up in a strict Christian home and now I'm agnostic. So much hypocrisy and judgement when even the Bible is supposed to say judge not. Sorry darling. Get out of there as soon as...
  2. Danigirl

    Camming background

    I use a duvet and get different covers for it, bookcase from Ikea for like $30 filled with books from the thrift store (that I'll actually read) and some potted plants from yard sales or Ikea. I have fairy lights having and I rotate paintings I find from yard sales, HomeGoods or thrifting...
  3. Danigirl

    Hottest Cam Girl?

    Don't know how to explain it but this just seems to hit the wrong note with me. Even the main page models know they may not be the most favorite model of even their whales. Like the time I got a tip where the tip note said "you're not my most favorite model but you're the most erotic"...
  4. Danigirl

    Background Check

    Beautiful thing about Chaturbate is it's easy to transfer tokens from one performer to another. A lot of models split tokens when they cam together as it makes it so much easier for taxes when they cash out. One option is to transfer your tokens to someone you know and trust ( like a bf or...
  5. Danigirl

    Fetish Type Stuff To Do | Amateurmodel help | Ideas

    Looking at the categories on clips4sale is basically all these and 100+ more for inspiration.
  6. Danigirl

    SW Friendly Crowdfunding Platforms - Need Surgery

    What about the lovense ambi toy? It's just a clitoral stim toy. I don't have it personally but at least you don't have to insert.
  7. Danigirl

    Large Toys on Chaturbate?

    Some of the models who use the super large toys have permission to do so or are grandfathered as they've been doing that sort of show for years. Your username doesn't set of any red flags at all though... Why watch a site if you think they're full of scammers?
  8. Danigirl

    how did you become famous on the site where you work?

    No. Sigh. Being top page requires a ton of hours a week to gain and keep followers, a bunch of luck, a schtick that works for you (and it doesn't have to involve showing everything if you don't want to) and mostly determination. I'm not a huge Chaturbate fan but I started on there before...
  9. Danigirl

    What Profile Photos do you enjoy seeing from a MEMBER?

    I like seeing a blank space or the generic avatar. Pics are usually pirated dicks or stolen/20 year old face pics. I dunno, one nice thing about camming is fantasizing it's Jason Momoa on the other end and not someone's Grandpa.
  10. Danigirl

    Background Check

    Even non nude camming can still be considered a violation of any ethics clause/personal conduct that can come with a teaching position. If that's your dream I'd get out of camming. Sucks but I wouldn't jeopardize your dream.
  11. Danigirl

    Most strange ways that resulted in cam models permanently blocking people

    Turn off the recommendations on the advanced options. Not hard.
  12. Danigirl

    Most strange ways that resulted in cam models permanently blocking people

    So don't fucking go in her room? You're not chained to her broadcast. There are buttons and links to you know, not go in and go somewhere else.
  13. Danigirl

    I found out the real identity of a model. What should I do?

    You already warned her. Leave her alone and lose the info. Scrub your brain. That's some serious stalker shit. Ugh this gives me such a gross icky feeling.
  14. Danigirl

    I ruined my life ! Need help please

    I don't consider myself a whore. I consider myself smart as hell that I don't answer to any bosses, make a hell of a lot of money working the hours I want to. I consider myself a freaking amazing mom because I'm able to give my kids tons of opportunities and memories they wouldn't have if I did...
  15. Danigirl

    Most strange ways that resulted in cam models permanently blocking people

    1) please use the multi quote option as it's easier for everyone to read 2) we are not test subjects and it's pretty creepy to me to be studied 3) I'm leaving this conversation because I don't think anything anyone here has said will change your mind that your humor is lacking and it's...