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  1. melanieoncam

    Account ban! baby face

    No other cam site does this. Chaturbate have been doing this for years and likely will continue. To Veronica, I suggest you register at Streamate or MFC and just forget about Chaturbate. Your regulars will likely find you there soon. Mine did and now I don't have to worry about randomly...
  2. melanieoncam

    Stripchat Purposely Banning On Sundays

    Yeah this makes no logical sense. It would not benefit Stripchat in any way to keep a model from making money for the site. Stripchat isn't known for banning randomly like Chaturbate is. I'm glad they are protecting the site. Last thing I need is another one of my sites I use to go under...
  3. melanieoncam

    I came to Chaturbate for a good time and ended up on Simpbait

    This is silly. Just hit the private button, no need for any passwords.
  4. melanieoncam

    Models with boyfriends

    Cam models don't want your man. It's a job. Do you also get angry if he watches porn? If you feel it's a dealbreaker you should discuss it with him. It would only make me angry if he didn't make enough money to afford it and was spending money he can't afford or if he was neglecting me in...
  5. melanieoncam

    Exclusive privates

    Yes it is a bad thing. It's unprofessional and shooting yourself in the foot if you treat your customers that way. I do splitcam when it's slow and run more than one site but when I get a private on any site I always stop the stream on all my other sites. Just takes a click or two and all...
  6. melanieoncam

    Should I Tell The Model About This Fan Member's PMs?

    I always giggle at how his hair always looks like it was hit by a tornado, going in all different directions. Does he own a comb?
  7. melanieoncam

    InternetModeling / Streamate

    Probably. Also they steal most of your paycheck and give you a tiny percentage. Why would you work for pennies when you can work directly and keep all of it? They do nothing for you but lie about nonexistent benefits and trick models into a contract. They are one of the the sleaziest most...
  8. melanieoncam

    InternetModeling / Streamate

    Internet modeling studio is EVIL. They literally trick models into signing up through them and then lock them into that damn contract. As far as I am concerned they are nothing but thieves.
  9. melanieoncam

    webcam Model/Agents Needed

    Just a matter of time before you get banned from the app stores. I'm guessing you don't have a high-risk adult payment processor either.
  10. melanieoncam

    Someone is recording the GoldShows live and uploading it to a page

    Pornhub is one site that is easy to get stuff taken down from. She just has to contact them. The overseas ones aren't so easy.
  11. melanieoncam

    cam world

    Often it just takes a few whales to get the whole room tipping. Next thing you know you get ranked higher and more money comes in. Success feeds on itself. (as does failure - ranking lower gets less exposure and fewer tips). Compliments won't affect your ranking, only money does that.
  12. melanieoncam

    Russian Cut Off from Payments

    How can you be so blind? Yes Russians have died and are continuing to die in this bloody war, but there is unmistakable evidence that civilians are being targeted, even killing them as they try to escape along what was supposed to be humanitarian corridors. There is overwhelming evidence.
  13. melanieoncam

    Free transportation for Ukrainian models

    I saw this posted on another board, also on Paxum official twitter: "It does not matter whether you are a Ukrainian, Russian, Colombian, Romanian, or any other nationality of a model, Paxum will be there for you. Unfortunately, Ukrainian models are currently going through a crisis, and...
  14. melanieoncam

    6 Model accounts blocked few mins later my studio account gets blocked

    and I also hope law enforcement and that child's relatives catch up with you.
  15. melanieoncam

    6 Model accounts blocked few mins later my studio account gets blocked

    I'm happy to see your studio got blocked permanently! How in the world did you think it was okay to have an underage model on camera?