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  1. melanieoncam - Public Thread. New & Existing models are welcome!

    It really annoys me when sites think models can't decide whether or not to permanently ban. Myfreecams and Streamate, two of the biggest sites out there have a permanent ban feature. Stripchat could learn from this. They trust models to decide and it's one of the reasons Streamate remains my...
  2. melanieoncam

    My girlfriend is cam model

    So you have never even met in person? Talking online, even on skype with video, is far different than meeting in person and spending a lot of time together. You can't call it a relationship until you do that. Honestly even if you had met on a dating site I would say that, has nothing to do...
  3. melanieoncam

    Fake tips on Flirt 4 Free?

    I worked for camster (which was also known as and - exact same sites). Camster was bought by flirt4free a few years ago. I tried it out when flirt4free transferred my model account because I had a few loyal customers from camster. I ended up leaving flirt4free and...
  4. melanieoncam

    Law and Order Special Victims Unit

    This subject fascinates me. I've always thought psychopaths have something in their childhood or past to trigger them. This neuroscientist was studying psychopaths and serial killers brains to see what makes them tick. He discovered in his studies that he himself has the same sort of brain...
  5. melanieoncam

    Are Onlyfans Subs mostly cheapskates?

    Oh nice. I tried to get it to work but it seemed to glitch. I'll try that, thank you!
  6. melanieoncam

    need somebody to talk to

    Take a look at the top hosts on Streamate. Some are quite mature and still raking in tons of money. I wouldn't worry too much about "when it stops working". As far as a place to talk this is a great resource! Welcome!
  7. melanieoncam

    Are Onlyfans Subs mostly cheapskates?

    I actually feel the same way about the pictures of locks and I brought this up with OnlyFans. I hope they tweak that some. Nobody can tell what vids I have for sale even with my free onlyfans because once I set a price it locks it and they don't allow me to create a preview on the same post...
  8. melanieoncam

    Cam sites that offer custom videos and Skype sessions

    Also if you see a model on a cam site you like google her performer name. She might have a website where you can order skype or customs. (but never ask directly on the cam site , usually against the rules for her to tell you about other sites or her website there)
  9. melanieoncam

    Is camming not for me?

    I have heard that cam4 has some traffic for male models, might be worth a try. Didn't work for me but I'm female. It's definitely harder to make it as a male from what I've seen.
  10. melanieoncam

    Are Onlyfans Subs mostly cheapskates?

    This is what I do also. The only thing free is sexypreviews of my videos (no nudity in the preview, only in the paid vid) and non-nude pics. Everything else is in a paid post or a pay to view post. I still get tips, plus this frees me up to not feel obligated to post every day since they are...
  11. melanieoncam

    Onlyfans VAT hit: Alternatives? solutions?

    I'm not fully understanding this. All sites will have to do this now won't they? If they expect to operate legally, right? Nearly all my customers are in the U.S. so I haven't been paying attention. I feel like since the site is owned by MFC they can pay those back taxes for the european...
  12. melanieoncam

    Cloud storage for clips

    I do use google drive for cloud storage just for convenience but there is no way I'd trust them to be my only backup. I have all my clips stored on two hard drives with duplicate content. I worked too hard on them to risk losing my videos. You can get a couple of hard drives for storage...
  13. melanieoncam

    Very curious question

    If I were looking for a particular fetish I 'd start with that category on c4s. Go to clips4sale, find a model you like who has contact information posted and email her and ask if she does your fetish and if so, order a custom video or see if she does live sessions. Might take awhile but in...
  14. melanieoncam

    Yes, another ‘in love with a camgirl’ thread. But I’d love opinions if anyone is willing to share them.

    Lets say you were the one in a trillion special cases and this model was actually interested in meeting you. You said you were falling in love with her. You don't even know this person! at all. She's an image on a screen and carefully posed to appear to be this glamorous unreal woman who...
  15. melanieoncam

    Members on cam sites who are nice 1 day, and rude the next?

    I only let a rude comment slide if they are paying by the minute in a private session, otherwise I ban. If they annoy me enough I sometimes ban even during a private, depends on what they do exactly. Plenty of men with money who know how to behave and I'd rather interact with them instead...