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  1. Natalie

    Nood App

    I love it! I applied awhile ago and didn't hear back for awhile. I was starting to think like you but I realized it's because Alice works one-on-one with each new streamer to set up her first broadcast. They're not discriminating against body types etc., It just takes time. Also, the longer it...
  2. Natalie

    OBS available on MFC: HD Streaming!

    BTW Thank you AmberCutie for this! I used this to help me set up OBS and it's been working pretty great! A few bugs here and there but it's so great to see the HD stream!
  3. Natalie

    OBS available on MFC: HD Streaming!

    Just as an FYI guys, MFC says you can't do privates or groups in OBS yet. They said in an email to me that it will take a couple months before it's able to support privates and groups on OBS.
  4. Natalie

    Pornhub Model Payment program

    Last night on cam a member told me I should put my new tipper video on Pornhub to make money. I was so confused what he was talking about. I didn't know that Pornhub had a program that pays out models based on views for their videos. I still don't want my content on Pornhub but I'm glad to hear...
  5. Natalie

    Where Do You Get Your Lingerie?

    Just checked out Tobi. I had never heard of it before. I will definitely be getting some from here. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Natalie

    Where Do You Get Your Lingerie?

    I get mine from Yandy, AdoreMe, Amazon and Aerie. I also got cute stuff I really like from Pinup Girl Clothing before.
  7. Natalie

    Overspending members and camgirl ethics.

    I agree with this 100%. I focus on balancing doing the best job I can as a webcam model and also be a good human and look out for other people. I can't just do stuff for free (camgirls are a luxury not a necessity) but I also don't want to hurt anyone. Over time I've gotten a lot better at...
  8. Natalie

    Making videos with other camgirls

    Hi there, I just recently got verified camgirl status and I am wondering the best way to go about meeting other camgirls. I really want to make some g/g videos, but I also want to just meet other people in this crazy cam world :) XOXO Natalie UPDATE: Not sure how to delete this post, but I've...
  9. Natalie

    Cam Girls Near Me?

    I am interested in doing this too! How do we safely go about finding other camgirls nearby?
  10. Natalie

    Hiding Adress on Amazon Wishlist

    This was super helpful! I don't have a car so a PO box is not a reasonable option for me. Just created my DC account!
  11. Natalie

    Girl/Girl videos

    I am relatively new to camming and I would really like to interact with other models and make friends as well as meet people to make videos with. How do people go about meeting other models in a safe way to make collaborative videos?
  12. Natalie


    I recently downloaded ManyCams, and I got it to work the first time, however, I have not been able to get it to work since. Does anyone know any tricks on how to get this to work? I suspect that I need to enable/disable on device manager, as it seems it is a conflict with that. However, even...
  13. Natalie

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hi, I am Natalie! I am a relatively new camgirl and I'm looking to become more familiar with the camming world and meet some of the other models out there.