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  1. Ned_Fusco

    Fake Accounts to Help Boost Your Room

    Funny you say that, I did discover Chaturbate with a similar ad (girl near you) when I was on an actual dating site. I was almost sure it was Adult Friend Finder (it was big 5 or 6 years ago) but it was indeed the first page of chaturbate, they didn't have the auto-login back then and also as an...
  2. Ned_Fusco

    Fake Accounts to Help Boost Your Room

    For your information: on PornHub (and all other pornsites with an affiliate CB link), you do not have to click on any links. Once you make a search you usually get a "pop-under" window that will open and automatically log you in (as anonymous) to the first room on the main page. Most people will...
  3. Ned_Fusco

    OBS problem, stream shows bitrate info instead of video

    Actually there is a simple method that most models I know use with OBS. Just go to "file" - always on top. Resize OBS to a vertical window and just put it over the stats window on the left. You can still chat and have the preview (there's at least a 6 or 7 seconds difference between your...
  4. Ned_Fusco

    Clarification on the current ManyVids situation

    I just checked out 7 different rooms on CB, all of the MV links have been taken down by CB already (I mean the icons are still there but links to nothing) so you have your answer.
  5. Ned_Fusco

    Chaturbate | How do nickname colors actually work?

    Yeah a 'light blue" user can have zero tokens so he'd be under a grey . . . explananations of colors are here:
  6. Ned_Fusco

    New To Chaturbate - Help!

    NO, people that are region blocked can't see you on the main page either. But as other people mentioned before, region block is based on the IP address so if your Internet Service Provider is in another province/state, you're out of town for work, you use a VPN, etc. ... they can still see you...
  7. Ned_Fusco

    chaturbate - just a new idea.

    Yepp I tried something for fun with OBS. Pretty sure Chaturbate would not allow it but ... it does work ! 1. Pick the address of any girl on CB who is streaming right now. 2. Create a "Browser Object" and use that address 3. You can use a PNG file with 2 "holes" in it (alpha channel) to only...
  8. Ned_Fusco

    name display on Cam window when tips

    This is what you are looking for, an OBS plugin:
  9. Ned_Fusco

    ManyVids Question - GoFundMe

    What they are talking about is not a Go Fund Me account but a "Fund Me" service in your profile. The more you have of those (skype, custom, phone, etc.) the more you get profile points yes.