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  1. ninafoxxx

    Rejected SM photos

    I can understand why a nude photo can get rejected but I uploaded a face pic and it was rejected.There were no toys in the pic and it was taken from my webcam...the only reason I can think of is because I used the "mirror effect"? What's the reasoning behind that??
  2. ninafoxxx


    It took SM about 3 days to answer my question. And don't think about calling them, I made that mistake and all they really say is "have you read the manual" and they'll refer you to their support page. -_-
  3. ninafoxxx

    I want to cam - and I need some advice.

    If you don't want anyone to know you're camming maybe you should reconsider.Chances are SOMEONE will notice you even if you geo block certain areas (take in consideration when people that know you relocate or go on vacation) A past co-worker of mine noticed me about a year and a half thru...
  4. ninafoxxx

    What toys do you enjoy watching being used

    I like watching other models use the crazy color dildos (pink, blue, purple ect) As a model I love using glass toys.