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  1. SexiLiz

    Do you like to have romantic sex?

    I actually like romantic sex sometimes. Other times I want to be my mans lil cock whore or let him dominate me. And sometimes I even want to be a lil more dominate and I take control. It all depends on both our moods. But no matter how the Sex is we always end up cuddling afterwards as we fall...
  2. SexiLiz

    BDSM Test - What's your kink type?
  3. SexiLiz

    Video Editing Services??

    If you start teaching let me know! I really need to learn
  4. SexiLiz

    Video Editing Services??

    No problem! It's something I know I'm having trouble with so I'm sure others are also. I love the editing idea but I figure that the cost to campers would be very high.
  5. SexiLiz

    Wishlists and Gifts

    I think the surprise would be fun!
  6. SexiLiz


    I know this is a odd question but how did you learn how to do joi?
  7. SexiLiz

    Video Editing Services??

    Why don't you try recording your own clips? Or have you thought about doing logo/branding services?
  8. SexiLiz


    I'm redecorating my room right now I plan to use my net canopy to hang behind me with lights under it. I'm reprinting everything, new furniture, lighting, organization, everything. I've purchased a couple photography backdrops so I can change my backdrop around also hubby put thenm up so I can...
  9. SexiLiz

    I want a friend/girl to cam with!

    I'm in Louisiana looking for girls to cam and shoot content with! I'm also looking for expos and conventions to go to ( mainly in he south for now)
  10. SexiLiz


    Joi confuse me I've never done one and have no idea how. And I feel like if the guy is really enjoying it he won't even listen he will be to busy pleasing himself to even care what my instructions are. I want to learn how to do them though!
  11. SexiLiz

    How to stay consistent?

    I'm just coming back to camming, and I hope that I can stay as excited as I am right now. I love attention so I hope that keeps it from becoming a chore. I'm just unsure of how to flirt on cam... Like I'm great irl. Just feel funny on cam where I can't see the guys reaction. Any tips on how to...
  12. SexiLiz

    Lighting - tips, tricks, links, etc.

    So it sounds like buying a photography studio light kit isn't recommended. At least for camming. But what about vids clips and photo sets? Do y'all use the same setup as when your camming?
  13. SexiLiz

    wow! uhhh thats really sad, everyone can be beautiful if they are confident in my opinion! and those girls they have listed as plus size, really? most are average at best. IDK what to do.....
  14. SexiLiz

    thank you! im gonna look up the other one and i may still try for godsgirls
  15. SexiLiz

    thanks for the info! i was hoping that they were good but i did go check out what you said and now IDK? I am now going to look into other alt porn sites, i still have some weight to lose (profile pic is a lil old im about 20 lbs lighter and more toned now but i love that pic) and i saw a post...