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  1. StripStripSkylar

    Searching for people to cam/make clips with in Vancouver, BC.

    Awww thanks my boo! I love you!
  2. StripStripSkylar

    Searching for people to cam/make clips with in Vancouver, BC.

    Hello hello! Hopefully this is the right place to post this, if not, apologies and feel free to delete/move. I make clips on Manyvids and am in the process of setting up C4S, and cam on Streamate. I'm looking for people in the area (I don't drive, so outside of Vancouver won't work for me unless...
  3. StripStripSkylar

    Canadian Girls, I have questions!

    Another option is if you switch to Boleyn Models Daily Pay, they can direct deposit to you if you have an RBC bank account :)
  4. StripStripSkylar

    Camming when depressed

    Hey, sorry to hear you're going through this! I am depressed right now too and I find the best thing for me to do in terms of getting online is not overthinking it - ;like not thinking about what's going to happen once I get online or how I'm going to get customers to get privates or whatever...
  5. StripStripSkylar

    OBS studio noob question

    Wooo, thank you so much! I downloaded the OBS classic and got it to stream, so hurray.
  6. StripStripSkylar

    Advice for "Shark Week"...?

    Seconding the makeup sponge idea! Make sure you change it every couple of hours so you don't get TSS, but you'll be able to penetrate yourself no problem (if you want to). Just a tip, the easiest way to get it out is to kind of lie on the floor and push like you're giving birth while grabbing it...
  7. StripStripSkylar

    OBS studio noob question

    Hello! First post here, I used the search function but didn't come up with any answers to my (probably very simple) question. I am trying to use OBS studio to stream on SM, however, I am coming across problems when I try to stream. I copy and paste the streaming link into where it says "stream...