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  1. C

    Chaturbate Ban With No Reason

    Hi @punker barbie I have seen in the forum that you have helped other models with this ban problem, unfortunately the same thing happened to me. I have not received any type of warning for months and today my account was banned for no reason. Can you please help me? It is my only source of...
  2. L

    Account banned

    Hello @punker barbie, my chaturbate account "laurenkastin" hast been banned just minutes after having a normal conversation with a cammodel in PM. I already reached out to support but didn't receive an answer for 3 days. Which is odd as the support usually is pretty fast. I described what...
  3. EatMyPieDaddy

    Chaturbate (zero answer, zero help, zero interaction)

    @punker barbie You told me that my case is solved however its not true. You told something about 2 different style of ID now I show that difference. (Its only the LIGHTING and theyve made by two different Iphone -7 and 13-) thats the horrible mistake what Ive done and what cause you banned my...
  4. I

    Account ban from Chaturbate

    Hello @punker barbie, hope you are doing well. Yesterday was my first day on cam with Chaturbate. I love the site and want to keep camming. However, I was banned during a private show with a viewer. I’m not sure what I did to get banned, and I didn’t mean to violate any terms of service...
  5. butty69baby

    Account Banned

    Hello!, @punker barbie, you did not answer me last time. And I try write again.. I really wrote a few times in support and until I still remained unanswered. I did not violate the rules of the site and was always careful, but I was blocked without explaining the reasons. Is it possible to help...
  6. butty69baby

    My account banned Please help

    Hi, @punker barbie . I worked at the studio account and I was blocked by me, without explaining the reasons and forever. I would like to know the cause of the lock and contact your own independently, because I am a model. I'm so sorry, I want to know what happened and can I deserve a second...
  7. P

    I got banned because I am already age verified!?

    Hello @punker barbie ... maybe you can help me... My CB name is prettyfatcock. I am a long time exhibitionist broadcaster on cb and I love to be watched by a lot of women who love to watch me. But in december 2020 I complained about the new Rule for Broadcasters to be age verified.... so they...
  8. sammyxcute

    Banned account

    Hi @punker barbie ,I had an account in Chaturbate since 2014 and without reason I was banned the august 15 ,they just told me that I was permanently banned , Could you help me recover my account? , I do not go broken any rule of chaturbate, my account is sammyxcute
  9. Mandrawhore

    Is there a @Punker Barbie to save my banned account ?

    Hi there... I got my account banned today while broadcasting... And i still don't know why. II was just testing my new App... and chatting with some friends and mods in my room ... I emailed the support ( request (18215736) ) but still waiting for an answer... So if @punker barbie could...
  10. R

    Account Banned

    Hey,good day, today my count was banned, I really don't know why, themessage was this: "We have reason to believe that you may have violated our terms of service. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns regarding this action." I sent...
  11. insy

    Too many banned accounts for no reason

    In these days I see here and directly in chaturbate a lot of users (models, supporter members, basic members) banned without any reason and without any explanation by chaturbate support and by the representative here. Days (weeks in some cases) are passing impacting more and more models work...
  12. K

    Account ban

    Good day! My account: Katrin_girl I have a question about the ban of my account. 22.04.2021 21:47 (UTC) I received the message from the administration of the Chaturbate. There was said that there was some suspicious traffic in my room. I clicked I have read and understood. So I even did not...
  13. F

    our chaturbate account was banned for no aparent reason please help

    hello @punker barbie our account was banned and we dont get any response from support .... we have a LOT of money there can you please help us asking them why did we get banned why no answers? it is extremely stressfull plesase help us lady :) our chaturbate username: funcouple1985
  14. babykalina

    Banned After Carnival Outfit

    Hi @punker barbie and hi to everyone! I work in CB since August 2019 and everything is been pretty good. Now it's Carnival time and i was doing a carnival party with an outfit, basically i was "cosplaying" like a naughty nun without any acessories related to religion or offensive to the terms...
  15. longdickclay87

    Banned on Chaturbate

    I just want to vent so basically chaturbate @shirley @punkbarbie lets the people in your room troll you and black mail you and when you dont do what they want or give them there way they ban you. like i get it but at the same time i dont because chaturbate does not have live support to help the...
  16. C

    CB - me too BANNED without reason

    Hello, first sorry for my bad english. I want report me too about my banned profile :( I think CB its a really great chat to have fun, and to make money. Maybe the best (in my opinion) But the support its a SHIT! I did camshow in CB from 7 months. Never did something wrong! everything ok...