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  1. A

    Frequency of persistent harassment

    Hello everyone! So I’ve been doing lots of research about camming so far, however I have one main concern about the industry that keeps me from taking the plunge. So I’d like to do a poll/ask about your experience with harassers/trolls in order to help me to make a decision how often does...
  2. EmptyKins

    How do you handle blackmail?

    This has never happened to me. And it's made my ptsd flare up in ways I can't control. About five years ago, I wasn't in a very good place mentally and physically. I had moved to Florida for rehab and spent almost four years in and out of halfway houses and detox centers. I attempted to enter...
  3. Kitty_Minxi

    Member Abuse/Blackmail

    I couldn't find anywhere on here about this topic (though I am still a n00b and getting used to the site). I know what to do when members are bullying/being abusive. I block/ban them for life. But what do you do when members a threatening or blackmailing you? I went to my local police station...
  4. J

    Feeling kind of threatened over a misunderstanding

    Hi, my name is Jaycee and I'm new to cam modeling. I haven't signed up on this site but it was the first one I saw with open forums. My wife and I have been doing cam shows and had our wishlist posted. It had a bunch of ridiculously expensive items on it that we were saving up for ourselves...
  5. MrRodry

    "Strangers Tried Blackmailing a Camgirl with Photos, So She's Selling the Photos"

    Cool article at MotherBoard about a cam model dealing with her screencap content and people trying to blackmail her. More info at the source -