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  1. hotlinemiamilive

    Advice for Camming as a Pet Owner

    Hey everyone! It's my second week of camming so far, and I wanted to share some advice for being a camgirl and a pet owner at the same time. Four months ago I was able to adopt two sweet puppies and I have a 14 year old cat. Because I NEVER want to get in trouble with CB over animals being on...
  2. T

    Advice! (for a specific situation)

    Hi guys! I wanted to come here to ask for some advice! My economic situation is not too great, so I wanted to know what things I could do to make a good show and to earn some extra cash with my current resources. I'd like you to tell me sites where I could work at, social media I should handle...
  3. thecandiiclub

    Hi Everyone we are new to here

    This is just a little bit about us pair.. hope you like us We are a complicated duo that loves life and like-minded individuals, we began our own personal journey two years ago to understand ourselves and grow together empowered with amazing insight. Our aim is to live life without being...
  4. L

    Setting up cam room? New girl here!

    Hey guys, I'm newer to caming, I've been with chaturbate for about 3 weeks now and love it. My question for everyone is how do you have your area set up? Lighting, decorations, walls? Any links to suggestions would be great! My room has ugly wood walls and I'd like to do something different with...