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  1. ShyCollegeSlut

    Downsizing, looking for advice from models/members

    I currently have accounts on over 20 cam/clip/sexwork related sites. Clearly I have my eggs is far to many baskets to keep everything updated on a regular basis. As ya'll know this industry is forever changing, and some sites are great, and then they slow down, sometimes they completely fuck...
  2. M

    "LiveGirl" Camsite Twitter DM // SCAM ALERT

    I received this DM on Twitter that looks pretty suspicious. I am afraid to click his sketchy link, so I'm not 100% certain it's a scam, but I am 99% sure and here's why... >>> THE RED FLAGS <<< 1. The message comes from a Twitter user who doesn't follow me and I don't follow them, making...
  3. Guy

    Which camsite is the largest in assets?

    Which camsite is the largest in assets?
  4. MissMimi420

    What are some good camsites as of 2017

    So I started camming on MFC back in 2015 & kinda shot myself in the foot with it really. I didn't do my research, I didn't devote enough time, ect.. and feel like I messed my entire "cam career" Since then I have done SO MUCH research about so many cam related topics, but Can not find any...
  5. E

    New cam Site, to be live very soon!

    Hi, we are a new site (CamAttitude) about to be live, if you are looking to work from home, earn good money, are entrepreneurial, work with flexible hours, be a cam model! Join us!!! and if you want to learn about the job...
  6. Missprettypink

    Have you ever been banned from any cam sites or terminated?

    I was terminated from Streamate one time this year and I messaged them frantically yelling at them, I felt like I was dumped by a guy that didn't tell me why he didn't want me anymore, turns out it was a misunderstanding and they reinstated my account. Haha I really do love Streamate so that was...