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Downsizing, looking for advice from models/members

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Mar 29, 2017
United States
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I currently have accounts on over 20 cam/clip/sexwork related sites.

Clearly I have my eggs is far to many baskets to keep everything updated on a regular basis.

As ya'll know this industry is forever changing, and some sites are great, and then they slow down, sometimes they completely fuck up (like onlyfans did).

I have over 5 cam sites, 8 clip sites, several fanclub sites, all in one sites like modelcentro/fancentro and countless sexting/phone sex/messaging sites.

Sometimes a site will do well for a week, and then be dead for several months. However updating the site regularly does nothing to increase income during the slow period which leaves me unmotivated to ever update it again.

Camsites are just random. Sometimes I do well, sometimes I don't. Which is expected and normal for me.

I would like to deactivate most of my sites and pick maybe 5-7 sites all together that I focus all of my effort on, and forget the rest. However i'm worried some of my regs from say ManyVids won't switch over and purchase my clips elsewhere, because it takes months to reach payout and I just don't think it's worth the effort anymore.

Any input or advice? Have any of ya'll done something like this and has it paid off?
Well, if you have 5 cam sites you obviously are not giving all of them your full, or even part time attention. So it makes perfect sense why when it's slow it hits you hard.

The most efficient way I've seen girls handle it is having 1-2 main sites for webcamming, alternating between the two but still giving them enough attention separately. Then having things like skype shows/discord shows a thing on the side, or for some extra income. Pick your best earning sites. If you don't know which ones those are then give every site a month or so and you'll find out which one best works for you. (I personally like Streamate)

As far as clip sites I don't think you can have "too many" as long as you're organized and keep track of them. What I do is I have C4S and Manyvids as my main sites, I upload for those sites. Then I dump the same clips, prices and descriptions into other sites. I only have 2 clip dump sites, but I've made decent money from just dumping clips and ignoring them.

Just whatever you do, don't overwhelm yourself. Make sure you're putting enough hours and time into one place and it will flourish better. (I'm sorry I'm so bad at explaining)
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