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  1. B

    LiveJasmin payouts to Canada? paxum & paper check possible?

    Firstly, I have just asked Live Jasmin payinfo about this but I want to know if anybody here has experience. I know the check must be mailed to a USA address. If I live outside the United States (I live in Canada) is it possible to have the check forwarded to me (either by an acquaintance or a...
  2. E

    Discount Code for TOYS!!!

    Hi Guys, Im El, a model on Chaturbate. I came across this really great coupon code that would be super helpful for any Canadian Models or anyone in general ( I say CND because shipping costs, you can also have your items sipped to one of their locations near you for free). Toys, lingerie and...
  3. S

    Canadian Camming and HST

    Hey all! Canadian cam girl here, started in October. I just got my taxes done. I was quite vague about what I do to my accountant, but self employed is what I claimed my $14K that I made at the end of last year. After this, my accountant began speaking of HST and what happens once you are no...
  4. JessicaMarie_

    Do Canadian camgirls need a GST/HST number? help ;__;

    Hi everyone Im a Canadian camgirl and camming/selling my vids is my only income the last 4 years now. I live in B.C Canada, and was wondering is I need to apply for a GST/HST number? Ive never even heard of one in my life until today when I got a notice in the mail from the Canada Revenue...
  5. JesseBangs

    Halp! Transferring money internationally? Payoneer?? Other options?

    So I have a reg who is tryin to help me buy a new gaming laptop so I can stream in higher quality as well as play games while streaming. Aaaanyways, we tried giftrocket but I made the mistake of using my email associated with my twitter so I'm sure they did a quick google search and shut that...
  6. MitzyBelle

    Canadian Girls, I have questions!

    Hi y'all, My name is Mitzy, I'm new-ish (celebrating my one month cammiversary tomorrow) and I just got my first Chaturbate cheque on Friday. I took it to Money Mart to cash it yesterday, and they did, but their fee is 8%, which seems hi, and they asked me SO MANY QUESTIONS. I'm glad it was...
  7. PoppyBryers

    Payoneer vs Cheque

    Hello! Since I've started MFC, I've always opted to have a Cheque sent to me instead of having applied to Payoneer. Recently, I've signed up to Payoneer, but after reading all about the potential fees and withdrawal limits at atms--I'm not sure its the right option for me anymore. So I ask...