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  1. angryoldllama

    Chaturbate "Your IP has been blocked." message in chat.

    Hi folks. I get his message on chaturbate when I try to type in chat. Any idea what's the deal? Thanks. And I can still log in and all that. Just can't chat.
  2. S

    Charlesbot set interval

    Hello, I've been camming on MFC for almost 2 years now and feel charlesbot can be a big help. Having seen him do so with many other models. But when I set an interval for 91 seconds I never see my ads pop up after those 91 seconds. I do have commands. Would you know what I am doing wrong. Plss...
  3. SimplicityOfEmily

    Using Text Chat in Separate Window / Partnership Camming?

    Hey all. So, my friend is doing all of my back-end, and one of the things he's handling right now is sitting in the chatroom with me, to monitor PMs and boot people and deal with my bots and all that. The problem is, most of the time it seems alright. But, since we're at two locations and he's...
  4. Baby_Lotus

    Hey Fellow MFC Cam Girls!!

    Just wondering if any MFC Cam Girls would like to join me in creating a group chat for all of us to chat and goof in. Itd be nice to have a place to go to get to know other girls who do what I do. If there's something like this already let me know! Otherwise I will be creating the group via...
  5. L

    Chatturbate does not pay me

    After having about 1 month and a half of unproductive conversation (via email) with Chatturbate Support, we have come to the point where they say they already sent me the payment, but the payment was rejected by Paxum. So I asked Paxum what is going on, and Paxum said they NEVER reject...
  6. xXDollFaceXx

    Twitter banner in chat?

    Ok, I googled this before and found an answer (a confusing one but still) but I can't find it now and I keep searching and searching! Some of the models I watch on MFC have charlesbot display a twitter link/image every so often in their chat. Can someone tell me how, or link me to a page with...
  7. MiaWould

    What are some games I can play in free/public chat?

    I see some models doing this, I'd like to know what some of those games are and how the work. And what I would need to get to set them up. Thanks :)
  8. AudreySparks

    I'm at a loss here...

    So I use to cam with MFC couple years back. I did pretty decent with money so I was loving it. Now I recently started camming again under a new name yesterday (AudreySparks) and today and both days have been awful! Nobody even talks! They pop in and out in and out so I'll say hi so and so then...
  9. D

    How big a problem is chat spam these days?

    While hanging out on Chaturbate a while back I noticed a model's public chat was being filled with messages from "members" (probably bots) like New cam site opening! Check my profile and get free tokens when you sign up. While this was going on the model herself was, ah... she had her hands...
  10. ReinaStorm

    I can't see Gif's and emoji's in my room

    Hi everyone, I searched the forum first but wasn't able to find the answer I needed. When I was on MFC before I was able to see the gifs and emoji's. I just came back a few days ago and I can't see them anymore. So when a member post one of them I just see a little box that looks like the hills...
  11. Santana Silver

    Help with "follow me on twitter" code for chat use/command

    Hi, I need some help with how to make your custom "follow me on twitter" or "@Camgirl'S NAME on twitter". I know some girls place that in their chat room during their camping times or when they say they're logging off. Would love someone to make me one or better yet, teach me. Please and Thank you!!